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Back when Designer Greg Hall got his start in the magazine business, he spent his days cutting up film negatives, finding his way in darkrooms and mastering the protractor. Working meant leaning over light tables and sitting in front of a large, wired computer. “When things went digital, I was still tied to my desk,” says Hall. “Even two years ago, I still couldn’t really work on the go, but that was before LTE.”

LTE, an acronym for “long-term evolution,” refers to the fastest wireless network technology in the world, now available in Canada from Rogers. With top speeds that go far beyond previous 3G and 4G HSPA+ technologies, LTE lets you do things wirelessly on your smartphone, tablet or laptop previously unfathomable, such as handling massive files with ease, lag-free video streaming, realtime video calling and responsive online multi-tasking.

For Hall, this means sending and receiving huge highresolution photos and illustrations, smooth video chatting in real time with clients and his kids and, in those rare instances when he’s not working, streaming movies and TV right onto his tablet. “I was on a photo shoot recently, and we needed to connect several tablets and laptops to the internet, so I just created my own LTE hotspot,” says Hall. Recently, we asked Hall to take us inside a typical day, to see just how he manages to get so much done while never seeming to sit still. Here’s what we uncovered.



Hall spends about two hours a day commuting to downtown Toronto from his home west of the city. In the past, he would spend his time reading a magazine or listening to music. “I still do that, but now I can also work if I want,” says Hall. Today, he’s finishing up an illustration on his laptop connected via the LTE Rocket mobile hotspot.

Mister Mobile: The Commute

The LTE difference:

“My laptop can handle big files and images, but before LTE, there was no way I could send what I was working on to my clients, or receive and open large fi les on the go,” says Hall. “Now it’s like I’m at my office computer, but I’m not even at work yet. My office is now wherever I happen to be.”




LTE Rocket Mobile
Tucked away in Hall’s knapsack, the LTE Rocketâ„¢ mobile hotspot gets Greg up and running fast – as easy as connecting to a wi-f network.




Maybe it’s his freelancer mentality, but Hall doesn’t particularly enjoy eating at his desk, especially when the sun’s shining and he can grab a bite in a park and catch up on an episode of Mad Men, which he streams right onto his Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 LTE.

Mister Mobile: Playtime

The LTE difference:

Streaming movies, TV or playing online games isn’t fun if the file is constantly stuttering. With LTE, video content streams seamlessly. “Because LTE is so fast, I can also multi-task while watching: check my email, or be downloading a file at the same time,” says Hall.





Rogers offers an array of LTE-capable smartphones, tablets and mobile internet devices, such as the Rocketô stick and mobile hotspot. Here are a few of the devices ready to roll on the Rogers LTE network.


Mobile internet devices


LTE plans

Getting on the LTE network requires an LTE-capable device, an LTE SIM card and an LTE plan. Rogers offers many plans and even data sharing across devices (one plan, multiple LTE devices).

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