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11 thoughts on “May/June 2013 Digital Magazine

Eddy Antunes, on said:

Would be interested in print copy, spend enough time in front of computers already to read magazine online.


betty rivero, on said:

How do I get a digital magazine?


Guy, on said:

I had downloaded the Connected app on my iPad sometime ago and was enjoying regular updated magazine issues on it but it does not seem to be supported anymore as I am not seeing the new ones since last summer.
Is that the case? If so, any plans to bring it back to life??


Neil L., on said:

I am trying to read the issue on my laptop but the screen isn’t working. A new tab comes up showing the cover then after a while it goes white. This is with IE 10 on Win7


    ConnectedStaff, on said:

    Hi Neil,
    Thank you for your comment. Have you tried viewing the issue on a different browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome?

Jan Visser, on said:

What is the cost for digital "Connected?"


syedarbab, on said:

Hi, I would like to receive a print copy of connected.

Please ship it out to me. I will provide address upon your request. Thanks


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