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LTE: First. Fastest. LargestRogers offers Canadians access to the first, fastest and largest LTE network out there.

When it comes to our wireless devices, we can all agree that speed and coverage top the list as must-haves. Simply put, the Rogers LTE wireless network is the fastest and largest wireless network in Canada – with speeds beyond all other carriers. What’s more, Rogers LTE coverage is almost double the size of other carriers in Canada. Most likely, the city you live in has, or will have, LTE coverage by the end of the year. Armed with an LTE-capable device and an LTE data plan, you will truly experience wireless technology to the fullest – rapid downloads, seamless streaming of games and video, cloud computing and the ability to perform multiple tasks at once. It’s the present and the future, and it’s truly awesome. You’re going to have to make the move to a faster wireless connection eventually, so why not today? The Rogers LTE network is now available in: Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa, Calgary and Halifax. And don’t worry – if you travel outside the LTE coverage area you will stay seamlessly connected via the Rogers 4G HSPA+ network.

What Is LTE?

LTE stands for “Long Term Evolution,” and it’s the global gold standard in wireless network technology. Far superior than previous technologies such as 3G and 4G HSPA+, LTE delivers speed like never before, lower latency to improve the responsiveness of interactive applications and communications, plus usage capacity that enables more users to access the wireless network at top speeds without affecting performance. It means you can enjoy faster downloads and cloud storage (even for large files), online streaming of rich high definition multimedia and multi-player gaming without the frustration of buffering and lag. In other words, you’re truly unlocking the power of your wireless device. It’s like you’ve harnessed the potential of your wired, at- home broadband network, and put it right into your pocket.

How Fast Is Fast?

Rogers LTE devices are capable of maximum theoretical download speeds of up to 100 Mbps on the Rogers LTE network1. Typical download speeds range from 12 to 25 Mbps for most devices, or even up to 40 Mbps for selected devices on the Rogers LTE network, which supports the 2600 MHz spectrum for optimal LTE connectivity. Tech talk aside, LTE is up to four times speedier than 4G HSPA+. This means you can enjoy gaming without lags, stutter-free online streaming and much more.

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