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Photos by Andreas Trauttmansdorff

We asked three Rogers customers to try it out. Here’s their report

The Music Lover

The Music Lover: Adam, 38, TorontoAdam, 38, Toronto
Adam is both a technology geek and a music lover. After a few days on the Rogers LTE network, we asked him for an honest review of LTE.

What was your perception of LTE before you tried it out?
I actually wasn’t all that excited about it. I thought 4G HSPA+ was fine for me; I wasn’t dissatisfied with the speed. But when I got an HTC One X, I found out that getting on the LTE network doesn’t cost any extra, so I figured I’d go for it.

What did you think when you first got on the network?
What I noticed right away was the lack of latency; things just come up faster. Like when you’re browsing the web, the initial wait for a page to load happens way faster. I never thought it was slow before, but now I can’t believe how fast it is.

What do you use your phone for? Is it improved by LTE?
I watch YouTube videos of my favourite bands, and I stream music from Grooveshark or my Google Drive. There’s virtually no lag. It just seems to perform better. I also watch movies. They start quicker and there’s never any buffering.

What other cool benefits of LTE have you noticed?
I love being able to tether my phone and get great speed for my laptop. I also love that the upload available on the Rogers LTE network is really fast, not just the download. So if you need to send big files, you can do so really quickly – something I never considered doing before.

The Gamer

The Gamer: Angie, 27, VancouverAngie, 27, Vancouver
Angie basically grew up online, and has been into gaming since her teens. We had a feeling she’d love LTE’s speeds. Did she?

What device do you use?
I don’t like to carry more than one thing, so I need an all-in-one: something good for messaging, calling and email, but also gaming, of course, plus a good camera. I have a Sony Xperia ion, which I’m really liking.

What did you notice when connecting to the Rogers LTE network?
I didn’t think I’d notice anything. I never thought the HSPA+ network was too slow in the first place. But the Rogers LTE network is faster, and I really do notice the difference in speed.

Is gaming much different on LTE?
It actually is. I used to experience lags in the middle of playing, which can really affect the game. I also download games onto my phone, and that happens within seconds now. Plus, when I launch a game, it loads a lot faster, which doesn’t seem like a big thing, but it’s great for instant gratification. What do your fellow gamers think? Funny you ask that. My friends who have tried out my phone are actually kind of jealous. Some are now thinking of getting a new device just to be able to get onto the LTE network.

The Businessman

The Businessman: Daniel, 35, TorontoDaniel, 35, Toronto
Daniel is the chief technology officer at DSM Computing Solutions, a Toronto-based IT services provider. Here’s what he had to say about the Rogers LTE network.

Which LTE devices do you have?
I have a Samsung Galaxy SIII and an iPad 3 LTE. And my company has a Rogers LTE Rocket hub that I’ve tried out.

How excited were you to get on the Rogers LTE network?
I was curious, but didn’t think it would make that huge a difference to my workday. I can admit I was wrong.

So it’s awesome?
It’s amazingly awesome. It’s as fast as my wired connection at home. Using my Galaxy and my iPad is a totally different experience than it was on the 4G HSPA+ network.

What differences do you notice most?
Downloading attachments like PDFs and Word files is super quick, almost instant. When I surf the net and watch YouTube videos, there’s no buffering or lag at all. You click a button and it’s right there.

How has LTE made you more efficient at work?
I use my iPad 3 over the Rogers LTE network for remote connections to my office – so if I work from a coffee shop, a client’s office or a meeting, I’m able to connect to my office and pull down materials very quickly and work within speeds that are almost instant. Clients definitely appreciate that.

We also have a Rogers LTE Rocket hub that we let clients use if they don’t have internet access – like if they are moving into a new office. They can’t believe how fast it is – and we look like heroes.

The Rogers LTE Network has been wowing people in a handful of Canadian cities over the past year.
But now, millions more Canadians can get LTE. In the past month or so, Rogers has launched LTE in 20 new regions in six provinces.


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12 thoughts on “LTE Road Test

Cliffhass, on said:

Hi there very cool blog!! I’ll bookmark your blog and take the feeds also. I’m satisfied to seek out so many helpful info right here…thanks for sharing.


Naren, on said:

Rogers sold me LTE living in Moose Jaw Sk we dont even have 3G here. I was a customer for five years just took it for granted that Rogers would have he highest speed here it is on the transcanada and 40,000 people not big like TO but not a small town either. Now I am stuck for three years and I don’t get the service. Not happy with Rogers.


    @RogersNicolas, on said:


    Here’s our current coverage map ( but rest assured that more cities will join our LTE network this year.

    We’ll let everyone know as soon as we have anything to share!

MC, on said:

@RogersNicolas: Wrong. Regular data plans are not automatically converted to LTE. They are still regular speed data. When customers call Rogers, we are told it costs twice the price of a regular data plan and that we have to pay double to get LTE.
We dont just need an LTE enabled phone, SIM and LTE zone, but we also need to buy an LTE plan for twice the price.
P.S: This is all from the personal experience of my friend and myself with Rogers so dont tell me otherwise. Please stop abusing your customers. Thank you


Pete in Hamilton, on said:

Is my Samsung Infuse compatible with LTE ?


    @RogersNicolas, on said:

    Hi Pete,

    I’m afraid not. You’d know it by looking at the phone’s specifications.

Neil, on said:

can i switch to LTE from the 3G I’m used to? How do I do it and what is the cost involved?


    @RogersNicolas, on said:

    Hi Neil,

    In order to switch, you’d need to have an LTE-enabled device and SIM card, and be in an LTE area (


When will we have it in Milton, I have LTE at work in Mississauga and LOVE IT!

Please Please ASAP


    @RogersNicolas, on said:

    Thanks for your feedback!

    We don’t have any info to share on that end but we’ll definitely keep everyone posted!

@RogersNicolas, on said:

Hi Brenda,

There’s no impact on the customer’s bill. All our regular data plans were enabled to LTE earlier this year.


Brenda Fansher, on said:

How much does LTE cost?


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