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There are two types of people: fast adopters and those of us happy to wait a bit longer before buying into whatever’s new. But there comes a point when the slow adopters realize: Wait a second, this is happening and I need to get this. Now. Today.

The Rogers LTE network is just such a thing. Launched last year, it’s Canada’s fastest wireless internet*– so fast that it’s changing the way we play, work and communicate on our smartphones, tablets and mobile internet devices. No longer niche or just for tech geeks, LTE has proven itself an essential part of many Canadians’ lives. Still need convincing? Here are five reasons LTE is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. The next generation of wireless is already here. Time to join in.

The Right Device For You

It might seem trite, but we truly are living in a wireless world. We’re demanding more from our smartphones and tablets than ever before – the ability to communicate, work and play with virtually no interruption or lag. We want it all, and we want it now. The mobile world is increasingly complex, and only LTE-capable devices are able to meet this demand. LTE has become the de facto network for the best new devices, from Apple to Samsung, LG to BlackBerry.  Rogers offers a wide selection of LTE-ready smartphones, tablets and wireless internet devices. Whether your preference is Android, iOS or BlackBerry, Rogers has an LTE-enabled device just for you. It’s only a matter of time before the device in your hand is LTE. For a complete list of LTE devices, visit

Cross-Canada Coverage

Just as the array of LTE-capable devices has grown, so has Canada-wide LTE coverage. Rogers was the first to bring LTE into Canada, and the coverage has since grown to cover a huge chunk of the country, with new markets opening up in rapid succession. LTE now reaches close to 60% of Canadians, and Rogers keeps expanding that coverage from coast to coast. But what if the Rogers LTE network isn’t yet available where you live? There’s a strong chance LTE will soon reach you, so having an LTE device means you’ll be ready when it does. And in the meantime, any Rogers LTE device works beautifully on existing 4G HSPA+ and EDGE networks. Plus, if you travel to an LTE area, your phone will automatically switch to the LTE network at no extra cost without having to do a thing. View the Rogers LTE coverage map at

Speed! Speed! Speed!

When it comes down to it, LTE is all about speed. And we’re not just talking a slight increase over previous networks – we’re talking a revolutionary increase that’s significantly faster. As in, Usain Bolt faster. When you’re using your phone or tablet, you’ll notice a huge difference when you’re loading websites and watching videos. With 4G HSPA+, the number climbed to a maximum theoretical download speed of 21 Mbps. LTE reaches way beyond these networks with theoretical maximum network speeds of up to 150 Mbps.* Rogers LTE devices currently support maximum theoretical download speeds of up to 100 Mbps, and typical speeds between 12 and 25 Mbps or up to 40 Mbps on select devices**. The takeaway? That wireless device in your hand is now as fast, or faster, than your at-home, wired internet. You really have to try it out to believe it.

*Based on tests comparing download speeds on the Rogers LTE network vs. Bell and Telus’ LTE networks within Rogers LTE coverage area. LTE device, LTE SIM and plan required.  Actual experienced speeds may vary based on device, topography and environmental conditions, network congestion and other factors. Rogers LTE network available in select Canadian cities. Visit for coverage.

**See for full details.

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16 thoughts on “LTE: Don’t Get Left In the Dust

Myron, on said:

Rogers needs to get with the times a bit. Still no LTE service in Winnipeg, as others have stated. Crap data plans that cost way to much. Have even seen a few days without any service at all in the past month or two and no apology or credit for it.


Mike, on said:

Hey I live in BC and the coverage with Rogers really sucks. LTE in Lower Mainland and Kelowna only. Telus has LTE in areas that Rogers doesn’t even cover with pathetic EDGE. So sad :(


Douglas, on said:

Sorry, but Rogers advertised plans to launch LTE in Winnipeg back in 2012, and it never happened. Billboards advertising LTE have come down, and there is no mention of LTE coming to Manitoba on your coverage map.

I wish I had the choice not to be left in the dust!


Pam Miller, on said:

I also think their long distance options are to expensive in N. America.


Perry, on said:

you might want to start an article about LTE with a brief definition of what it IS. Most of the planet doesn’t know, and really isn’t itching to pay more for some nebulous promise of ‘more’ that is seldom delivered by Rogers.


    Pam Miller, on said:

    I will never deal with Rogers again – can’t wait for my contract to be up! I really hate the 4 rings then going straight to voicemail and the only holding messages for 10 days.

Az, on said:

Albert Peters has it right. The surcharges are ridiculous. I’ve been a loyal Rogers customer for 10 years, and can’t figure out why. I am continually dissatisfied. I just want out of my contract so I can switch companies and get myself and my kids phones with a reasonable provider.


Douglas, on said:

Hmm.. I live in Manitoba. MTS has had LTE for well over a year.

I’ve been left in the dust as a Rogers customer. I guess it’s time to switch, as there are currently no plans to launch LTE in Winnipeg.

So sad!


Teodoro Depasucat, on said:

went to see a Roger’s kiosk and ask how much to pass on my oldie not so smart phone yet still connected, and she said " your contract is already retired, family plan for two, how much do i have to add up and get a new one. Pay as you go for android? no more contract. Love Rogers’ for more than 12 yrs. Thanks.


Tim, on said:

Still not available in Winnipeg and according to the coverage map there aren’t even plans for it.


Chuck, on said:

When will you get LTE in north Richmond Hill? We have poor service and low bars – in a very growing area of over 15,000 people. Why? we pay the same as other subscribers?


Albert Peters, on said:

Rogers needs to address the issue that I consistently pay a hefty surcharge for using the internet whereas if I switch to another vendor that uses Rogers cable to service me, I can have almost 3 times the bandwith and pay less. So why would I get trapped into other Rogers product lines when I’m overcharged on the services I presently have?


Megan Williams, on said:

I don’t see that Rogers coverage has expanded. I travel often to the Yukon where there is no coverage at all. Newfoundland is only on the Avalon and NS, where I live is spotty . I will be leaving Rogers when my contract expires unless this changes.


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