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Herscu is founder and editor-in-chief of, not to mention an experienced mobile-focused publicist. He is also a tech pundit, having contributed his opinions to numerous tech publications. Herscu uses an iPhone 5, running on Rogers’ next-generation LTE network. Connected asked him to outline a typical day in his life, with an emphasis on how LTE changes the way he lives and works.

7 am to 9 am
Coffee, walk the dog, return emails

This is probably the busiest time of the day for me. I respond to emails, have my coffee, and of course, walk my dog. Sometimes all at once! My efficiency is tripled using my blazing fast LTE-enabled iPhone 5. I am able to respond to emails, scan articles and browse through Instagram all at once. Granted, I was able to do all that 3G, but LTE makes the experience so much more fluid.

9 am to 12 pm
Blog, business development, blog

This is the time of day that I am head-down focused, curating content to ensure my readers are kept engaged and coming back. Because I work on a freelance basis, I rely heavily on a fast internet connection when I’m on the go. I find LTE on my tablet is super fast.

12 pm to 5 pm
Freelance work, new business meetings

Among other things, my work involves doing public relations for a few technology start-ups and freelance writing for technology-focused publications. I use my afternoons to get my articles done on time and to ensure I always have new business around the corner. Each afternoon, I’m always impressed by the speeds I am able to attain on my iPhone. The speeds are often faster than home internet!

5 pm and onwards
Networking events, prepping for next day, unwinding

The only way to truly ensure that people know who you are, and like you, is to make face time at industry-relevant events and develop relationships.  I am able to use my iPhone 5 and its four-inch retina display to show off my site, without any lag or delay at all. I also take the evenings to prep for the next day, and of course, unwind; something we all should set aside time for at the end of each day.

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