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Stay in touch with your loved ones, even when they’re away for school or work, or spending time at the cottage – all with a premium network experience. It’s easy with a Rogers Family Plan.

When you bring your family together on a single Rogers Family Plan, you can save money by sharing minutes and internet, and save time with fewer bills to pay. Best of all, your family stays connected on the fastest network with unlimited talk and text, unlimited Canada-wide calling between plan members, and shareable wireless internet.

Families big or small, couples, and extended family members on the Rogers Family Plan get:

• Savings of $10 or more starting on the 2nd line

• Unlimited talk, text, voicemail and call display

• Unlimited Canada-wide calling between plan members

• Shared wireless internet for the whole family

Bonus: Exclusive pricing on select smartphones ($50 savings) with each additional line

Talk, text and internet Family Plans start at $90/month – that’s $50 for the first line and $40 for the second line, which is an instant $10 savings! Add additional lines for as low as $35 per line. The more lines you have, the more you save. For full details, click here.

Who Can Take Advantage of a Rogers Family Plan?*

Social Couples

You’re busy people, and it’s important to stay in touch with each other and your social circle. You never know what’ll come up – a must-see concert or a Minecraft marathon – so having the latest devices and an ample, affordable talk, text and internet plan ensures your social media feeds are always accessible and up to date.

Awesome Grandparents

Keeping up with the kids and grandkids is a priority, especially when everyone is spread out. You both take part in all kinds of hobbies and activities, so you’re not always at home. Having a smartphone makes it easy to stay in touch with loved ones no matter where you are, and you can follow your grandkids on Facebook, Twitter and other social media.

Connected Families

Everyone needs a phone – the parents, the daughter at university, the two kids at home, maybe even the dog – so it’s great to have one plan that offers an affordable, no-fuss solution. Stay connected without the worry of monthly time or text allotments, let the kids have the latest devices with a wireless internet plan, and share those embarrassing photos when the kids don’t do their chores.

Families with “First” Phone Owners

Your tween is becoming more independent, and a great way to let a child have some freedom and offer you peace of mind is by giving him or her a new phone. A Family Plan from Rogers allows you to add a line when your child is ready – he or she will say right now – so you can check in with each other throughout the day.

Ready to start your Family Plan? Call or visit a Rogers Store.

* Exception applies to residents living in Quebec, Manitoba or Saskatchewan whereby all members on the Family Plan must be in the same province.

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6 thoughts on “Lower Your Wireless Bill with a Rogers Family Plan

Charito, on said:

can u give some information bec. am looking for a good phone with a good package Family plan.


Frank Hergott, on said:

Tried to get paperless billing several times and was cut off every time tried to phone and the gentleman told me I had to do it on my computer that something was blocking so I tried it again and what the hell I just gave up very frustrated now


Deborah Cheseboro, on said:

I have spoken to so many customer service people and gone into numerous stores telling them I bought 2 blackberries in Dec of last year. I was given 2 credits of $50.00 Tried to do it online and was only allowed to process 1 of the credits. Have called numerous times and have been promised the 2nd on would be processed and have yet to see it.
Makes me want to go back to Bell.


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