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Remember back before the web? It’s hard to imagine or even remember what those days were like. After all, the internet has become an integral part of our lives, something we rely on so heavily to do, well, virtually everything. And yet as recently as 15 years ago, we had to do so many things – shop, communicate, even flip through actual photo albums – on foot, in person or by hand. Crazy, we know. How times have changed.

Task: Sharing Photos

Then: Innocent family members were held prisoner on the couch, subjected to a photo buff’s never-ending slide show of vacation, family and pet photos. Slide trays never seemed to load properly, and they always smelled of burning dust.
Time required: hours, sometimes days

Now: When’s the last time you saw a film camera, let alone a slide projector? Now we snap digital pics and post them online. Photo sharing social networks such as Instagram allow you to share your photos with the masses in an instant. It’s like having friends and family right with you on that beach or at the game. Plus, Instagram features cool filters to help your pics look more professional.

Time required: minutes

Tip: Upload and download HD photos and videos virtually in seconds on the Rogers LTE network. With speeds comparable to your wired internet at home, you’ll be posting in no time. You won’t believe the difference.

Task: Shopping

Then: Finding the best deals involved getting to know shopkeepers, leafing through paper flyers, travelling from store to store and, when bargains were actually in stock, hauling everything home. Most of us didn’t bother trying to source unique items such as out-of-print books unless we had at least three months to search. Back then, you had to know someone who knew someone.

Now: Everyone (including obsessive bargain hunters) can now shop from the comfort of their couch, bed or anywhere you can access the internet. From clothes to groceries to you-name-it, you can order what you need and have it delivered right to your door. Hard-to-find items (a mint-condition Star Trek figure or “Bazinga!” hoodie, anyone?) are just a web or eBay search away.

Time required: minutes (plus shipping)

Tip: Bidding on eBay? Don’t lose the auction because of lag. Rogers Hi-Speed Internet offers reliable service that’s super fast – and it just got faster. Speeds of many of the internet tiers have recently been increased.

Task: Staying in Touch

Then: Information between friends and family used to travel at slug-like speeds. With friends, you’d write them lengthy letters or plan to meet in person (which may have involved baking a Bundt cake or being interrupted by Mabel Lewis, the neighbourhood gossip). With family, a system involving fridge notes may have been employed. For out-of-town relatives, smoke signals.

Time required: hours

Now: Knowing all that’s happening with friends and family is as simple as a quick email, Facebook browse or Twitter exchange. The internet has made the world one big, connected place – 2.4 billion people are now online. It’s easy to get the scoop on upcoming events, know who’s dating whom, who’s not talking to one another and when Mabel Lewis’ daughter’s tell-all novel is being published.

Time required: minutes

Tip: Rogers TechXpert offers you fast solutions to your tech problems. Starting at $9.99/month, you get access to tech experts by phone or online chat for help with anything from virus removal to speed optimization.

Task: Expressing your Opinion

Then: You’d stand on a soapbox, proudly proclaim your thoughts and wait for the world – or, well, even one person – to notice. Enterprising influencers distributed flyers (stating “The Apocalypse is coming” or “Rutabagas are evil”), or passed around petitions to protest one thing or another. Organizing meetings or rallies was challenging without knowing whom to invite or who would attend.

Time required: days, months even

Now: Connecting people to ideas, opinions and world-changing happenings is easy. You can post your thoughts on your own blog, deliver a witty podcast or simply search for like-minded individuals or groups on social media sites. Use Twitter to follow powerful people, or express your own captivating self in 140 characters,with hashtags like #ihateruta- bagas or #elvisisalive, so others will join your tribe.

Time required: minutes

Keeping up with your social media requires being able to connect throughout your home. The enhanced Wi-Fi modem from Rogers ensures speed and reliabilty all over your house, with virtually no “dead spots.”

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derrick ford, on said:

Your internet wireless router has become useless ..and I have called several times regarding this but the wireless remains pathetic and all you can say is if I order a better wireless router from Rogers that might help ( at another 9 dollars a month) talk about been held hostage..thank god for the CRTC….But it is funny how your accounts people have no trouble calling if I owe Rogers a dollar…Rogers never forgets how to do that…1 more year and Hello Bell.


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