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We all use our mobile devices differently. Besides calling and texting, some of us use our devices for streaming music and video; others are intensely into apps and email. Then there are the social media fanatics. Whatever the case, there’s a plan right for you. Here’s a breakdown of what’s available, so you can make a smart choice when choosing your plan.

For the Basic Browser | 150 MB/month

Mostly used for emergencies and occasional calling, texting and browsing, the light user is not typically online, but appreciates knowing wireless internet is always at-the-ready whenever it’s needed. Like when your car breaks down and you need a tow truck ASAP. Or when you’re playing Scrabble and really need to look up a word.

For the Occasional Browser | 500 MB/month

You use your phone daily, mainly for calling and texting but also for checking email and occasionally browsing online news, sports and weather. OK, so you’ve been seen viewing a few celebrity gossip sites, too. Hey, who hasn’t? For you, wireless internet is more than a nicety, but not quite an hourly necessity.

For the Socialite | 1 GB/month

There’s no denying it, so just repeat after me: You need access to your social networks at all times, wherever you are, on a smooth, fast connection. Email, browsing, social media – including ample photo uploads – and app downloads are each part of your daily digital arsenal. Hey, it’s good to have so many friends, right?

For the Streamer | 3 GB/month

Even more intense than the Socialite, the Streamer enjoys on-the-go, lag-free media streaming, including videos, music and online games. And when you’re not streaming, you’re uploading photos and videos, 3D mapping, accessing the cloud and more. Bottom line: you’re online, a lot.

For the Connected | 5 GB/month

It’s almost silly to ask if you’re online; you’re always online. It’s almost as if you’ve got a USB port embedded in your neck. For you, wireless internet is absolutely crucial for work and play, and so the only plan that suits your needs is an ultimate plan that lets you browse, upload, stream, tether multiple devices, multitask and ­– yes – even take or make an actual phone call!

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