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LTE isn’t just for fun and games. Use your LTE device to send large PowerPoint presentations, download high-resolution images, or conduct a video conference without any delays – there’s nothing LTE can’t handle. Enjoy peace of mind knowing you can stay on top of projects even while out of the office. Get an edge on the competition by responding to clients first. Check your stocks in true real time. Make informed decisions knowing you have all the information you need, fast. In short, be more productive than ever, from wherever you are.


Let’s not forget that we still use our wireless devices for just plain communication. Canadians love email; add to this the hundreds of thousands of us on social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn. Let’s be frank: our online world is increasingly our lifeline to the people and activities we love – and we use more than just words. Whether it’s family photos, favourite videos, song sets, latest shows, detailed maps, video chat, digital scrapbook pages or scribbled notes, you want to share them when the moment strikes, without holding back. With LTE, you can do it faster.


If you haven’t been using your wireless device for streaming online videos, playing online games or downloading HD pictures, you will once you get your hands on an LTE device. Streaming HD video, lag-free online gaming, quick-loading mobile apps and all the music and file downloading you can throw at it: it’s the difference between downloading a game and playing within seconds, or watching a slow-moving download bar creep along while you wait…and wait.

Your everyday activities are super-charged with LTE. Here are some examples of speeds only the LTE network can offer:

  • Download, upload or share high-resolution files and large presentations in seconds.
  • Smoothly stream online HD video, radio, podcasts and livecasts without lag
  • Play complex online games with instant responsiveness.
  • Take advantage of rich multimedia communications in real time, such as video conferencing on the go.
  • Stay productive with hassle-free access to data-intensive applications while working remotely.
  • Work on all your online and cloud-based activities simultaneously.

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