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Outdoor wireless night-vision camera

You’ve probably already read about Rogers Smart Home Monitoring in the pages of Connected – it’s the latest in “peace of mind” technology that lets you automate your home’s security system, lights, thermostat and more. It’s a robust system that operates simultaneously on your cable and wireless networks, allowing you to keep tabs on your home remotely via text and email alerts sent directly to your smartphone and other devices. It will let you know instantly about emergencies – everything from water seepage to break-ins, and that’s just for starters.

And now, a good thing is even better. Rogers Smart Home Monitoring has a whack of cool new features. We’re talking an outdoor wireless night-vision camera; a carbon monoxide sensor that generates an alarm and text or email alert if the deadly gas is detected in your home; and an appliance switch that lets you remotely turn any appliance or lamp on and off, with no extra outlet required. Imagine being able to monitor your home and manage your system remotely via a free Android, BlackBerry or iPhone app. With Rogers Smart Home Monitoring, you can.

If you haven’t signed up for Rogers Smart Home Monitoring already, what are you waiting for?

For more information, visit or call 1-855-865-4722 to order

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2 thoughts on “Smart Home Monitoring: Home Safety, Enhanced

Malka Smilovits, on said:

Where do I get the home camera? Do I buy it from Rogers.


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