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Illustration by Neil Duerden

Whether you’re a casual observer with a passing interest in what’s on, or a full-blown TV addict with the daily listings memorized and a remote control virtually fused into your palm, the act of watching TV has gone from average to amazing over the years. But instead of just keeping the pace, Rogers is setting it, offering an unrivaled digital TV experience packed with awesome features to thrill every viewer.

What’s On? Plenty!

What do you feel like watching? A little Homeland with a Sons of Anarchy chaser? Maybe a few episodes of Community before you revisit some Arrested Development reruns? Bubble Guppies, Octonauts and Austin & Ally to entertain the kids for a bit? Or just a recap of the day’s news headlines and sports scores before you hit the hay? Whether you’re a foodie or a film fan, a sports fiend or a music aficionado, someone who loves to jeer the judges on American Idol or someone who can’t wait to see what happens on the next Scandal, Rogers digital TV has something for everyone.

With Rogers digital TV, you’ll always be able to find just what you want to watch. Enjoy a huge array of programming – from dramas and comedies to movies, sports, reality shows, family fare, news and so much more – right at your fingertips. Rogers customers get access to hundreds of TV shows and a vast library of movie titles – including the hottest new releases, beloved classics and the best of independent cinema – ready whenever you want to tune in. More series, more movies, what more could you want? Even more options? Say no more!

With Rogers On Demand, you can catch up on episodes of all your favourite shows and watch new-release movies on the same day they arrive in video stores. No more trekking out in the rain to pick up something to watch on a Saturday night. Rent a movie in just a few clicks, right from your couch! Rogers On Demand also delivers music, sporting events, multicultural programming and full seasons of past shows, such as Dexter, Modern Family and more.

Quality Control

Great news, TV fans: the television landscape has changed – for the better! Once considered second-tier entertainment after film, TV is now on par with its big-screen counterpart in terms of quality of the material and calibre of talent. Movie stars, such as Sigourney Weaver, Don Cheadle, William H. Macy and Kevin Bacon are making the leap to TV, headlining critically acclaimed series and sinking their teeth into some seriously meaty roles. Behind the scenes, Oscar-winning writers and directors such as Martin Scorsese, Gus Van Sant and Michael Mann are enjoying the creative freedom afforded and encouraged by cable channels and television networks alike. The result? High-quality, richly realized TV dramas and comedies able to lure A-list actors, writers and directors while keeping audiences tuning in week after week.

Where Can You Watch? Anyplace!

Once upon a time, you had to get off the couch and walk to your TV to change the channel. Now? You can set your PVR from all the way across town and use your smartphone or tablet to control your TV with the Rogers Anyplace TV Home Edition app. You can also access tons of content on your computer at

Available for iOS and Android devices, the Rogers Anyplace TV Home Edition app turns your tablet or smartphone into the world’s handiest remote – giving you complete control over your viewing, scheduling and recording.

Browse listings on your tablet with the intuitive seven-day Interactive Program Guide, or use your device to access the Enhanced Guide, which lets you search by program, actor, keyword and more. You’ll always know what’s on, and missing out on must-watch TV will be a thing of the past: just use your tablet or smartphone to set your PVR to record shows, whether you’re at home or out on the town.

Another cool feature of the app: if you’re relaxing on the couch, it lets you use your smartphone or tablet the same way you’d use your Rogers remote. And don’t worry about your PVR filling up – you can access your recordings from anywhere, allowing you to record or delete programs on the fly!

When you’re connected to your home’s Wi-Fi network, the Rogers Anyplace TV Home Edition app also lets you watch up to 25 TV channels (such as City, Sportsnet and Treehouse) live on your tablet. This also means you can feed your inner multitasker while simultaneously watching one show on your TV and another right on your wireless device.

Social Net-Working

There was a time when a season- ending TV cliffhanger or awards show blunder was simply fodder for water-cooler gossip or TV-columnist analysis the next day. But thanks to Twitter, Facebook and the internet at large, watching TV has gone from a solitary pursuit to a social activity. Minute-by-minute commentary now takes place live, all around the world, while the show airs. Onscreen personalities tweet directly with fans, and TV execs have immediate online barometers at their disposal to gauge how their shows are faring with the public.

How Does It Get Even Better? With NextBox 2.0!

Looking to take your TV watching to the next level? Rogers NextBox 2.0 has exactly what you need, delivering a seamless entertainment experience that gives you even more ways to watch. In a nutshell, NextBox 2.0 is your one-stop home-entertainment shop: your digital TV, PVR, remote control and internet services all combined into one package.

With one or more NextBox 2.0 PVRs and one or more NextBox set-top boxes connected to different TVs, you can watch the same show in any room in your home thanks to Rogers Whole Home PVR. Start watching the finale of Dancing with the Stars in the living room, pause it, and then finish watching it in the bedroom.

You can record up to two HD channels at once. Plus with NextBox 2.0, running out of space isn’t an issue – you can record up to 100 hours of HD programming with your NextBox 2.0 PVR, and up to 225 hours with PVR extenders.

There’s a lot on TV these days. Need to find something specific, fast? Searching for shows with the Rogers Enhanced Guide is a piece of digital cake. With your Rogers remote, you can search programming by channel, actor, director, genre and more.

If that’s not enough to rock your socks off, you can also control all this and more with the Rogers Anyplace TV Home Edition app we told you about on the last page – you get it with NextBox 2.0! It’s 360-degree control at your fingertips.

Picture Perfect

Technology has revolutionized the way we watch television. Forget grainy reception or a huge cathode-ray-tube set taking up half your living room. These days, TVs are not only sleek, slim and sexy, they’re loaded with pixel-packing power that creates stunning resolution, razor-sharp crispness and eye-popping colour. Screen size has grown – 60-inch screens are becoming more the rule than exception – and the 16:9 aspect ratio (think: letterbox) means a gorgeous cinema-style widescreen display. Why bother with the multiplex?

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I recently bought a Samsung Note 2 with a three year contract and I am confused as there is no user manual with it. I contacted Samsung who promised to send me the information I needed to get started but I still am waiting.


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Plenty of good info.


Gord Grass, on said:

Rogers on Demand (cable 100) has changed so that there are ads for the movies and you need to press "A" on the control to see the listings.

The "A" works for various uses with my PVR


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