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Say hello to our little friend NextBox 2.0 – and welcome to the next generation of home entertainment. Here are 5 ways a NextBox 2.0 package will make your home the ultimate place for seamless entertainment:

1. Whole Home PVR – One of the coolest features of the NextBox 2.0 package is Whole Home PVR, which allows you to network up to seven NextBox HD Terminals1, hooked up to TVs throughout your house, for the ultimate viewing experience. With it you can be watching something in the living room, stop it and continue it upstairs. You can watch a recorded program in up to four rooms at once. The included NextBox HD PVR comes equipped with this ability. All you need to add are the HD Terminals.

2. The Hardware: NextBox HD PVR – At the hub of NextBox 2.0′s hardware is the HD PVR (personal video recorder), which enables you to stop, rewind, fast-forward, replay, record, schedule recordings and more. Its new and improved Enhanced Interactive Program Guide offers a rich and advanced TV viewing experience in a sleek looking design that lets you search your favourite programming like never before. Recording a lot? No worries. The 1TB PVR Extender gives you tons of space to store your shows and movies.

3. Super Fast Internet & Wi-Fi service – To get the most out of the NextBox 2.0 service, you’re going to need fast internet service. Good thing it’s included then, eh. As part of the package, NextBox 2.0 comes with a Wireless N Gateway Modem so you can share your internet connection with your devices and computers throughout your house. Different packaging tiers offer up a variety of internet tiers, so select the one that’s best for you.

4. Rogers Anyplace TV - With NextBox 2.0, your home is connected like nobody’s business. But above and beyond that, as a Rogers customer, you can have your entertainment your way, whichever way with Rogers Anyplace TV. Register online or on your smartphone with the Rogers Anyplace TV Beta mobile app for Android.

5. Rogers Live TV On Your Tablet – Sure, a 55-inch TV in every room would be awesome. But for most of us, that just ain’t practical. What is practical and, oh-so convenient, are tablets. They go everywhere, and with Live TV, Digital TV and Hi-Speed Internet customers can stream content to their tablets (iPad/iPad 2 or Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 only, for now) while connected to their Wi-Fi network in their homes. You just need to download the Live TV app from the App Store or Android Market, log in with your My Rogers profile and off you go. Visit for more.

No more than two NextBox HD PVRs and seven NextBox HD Terminals. Combination cannot exceed eight STBs (set-top boxes). Four TVs can access the same program at the same time. Each HD PVR can record up to two programs at once.

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