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We’ve all been there: rummaging through our wallet, feverishly trying to find some cash or a credit card to pay for a purchase, only to realize we’ve left it somewhere else.

Now there’s a new way to avoid the chorus of sighs and glares from shoppers lined up behind you. Meet the CIBC Mobile Payment App for BlackBerry Bold 9900 and coming soon on the Samsung Galaxy S III. Using the app and leveraging the suretap service from Rogers, CIBC credit card customers can make purchases with a wave of the phone.

Take Convenience to a New Stratosphere

Through CIBC’s activation process, a virtual version of your credit card is stored on a secure space within your phone’s SIM card, leveraging the same chip security as your credit card. The CIBC Mobile Payment App leverages Near Field Communication technology to allow your device to securely communicate wirelessly with tens of thousands of checkout terminals across Canada. All you need is an eligible device, a suretap SIM card, an eligible CIBC credit card and the free CIBC Mobile Payment App (download from your app store). Then, just hold up your device to a contactless payment terminal and your purchase is complete. It’s that easy! Click here to see it in action.

Cynical About Security? There’s an App for That

The CIBC Mobile Payment App uses advanced encryption technology to prevent unauthorized transactions; you can add an optional passcode for an extra level of security. CIBC even breaks out mobile purchases separately on your credit card statement, so you can easily track your transactions.

Device Diversity

Don’t have a Samsung Galaxy S III device or a BlackBerry Bold 9900? No sweat. More suretap-ready phones are coming soon.

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