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If you’re looking for a holiday with serious wow factor, pack your bags for Rome. Artistic treasures, glorious cityscapes and culinary gems await, and there’s no better time to go than fall. In the summer, the city is packed with tourists, so take advantage of fall’s lower hotel prices and enjoy the breathing room afforded by smaller crowds at major attractions such as the Colosseum, St. Peter’s Basilica and the Sistine Chapel. Temperature highs linger around 20˚C, often warm enough to dine alfresco at the trattorias tucked into the city’s tiny squares and narrow alleys.

Steeped in three millennia of history, Rome has survived wars, fires, sieges and corruption, with power frequently changing hands. Once the world’s ruling city and the stomping ground of emperors, gladiators and dictators, it’s now Italy’s capital and largest metropolis. Every block is a study in both antiquity and modernity, and Rome’s enduring beauty and majesty continue to capture the imagination of artists, poets, pilgrims and filmmakers alike.

* Spend your time exploring Rome, not worrying about the cost of staying connected while you’re there. Rogers makes it simple to purchase affordable roaming solutions for mobile devices. Buy in advance and check it off your to-do list. Text TRAVEL to 7626 and click the link you receive (link is free of charge). Or use your mobile device to visit roam (free access anywhere in the world).  Roaming Data Passes activate when you use data services at your destination. (If not activated, pre-purchased passes expire after 30 days.) And don’t be concerned about using more data than you’ve signed up for. While you’re away, you’ll receive text-message usage notifications as you use your Roaming Data Pass and will be hard stopped once your Pass expires so you never incur overage charges.


BarcelonaAs Canadian weather gets chilly, head to Barcelona, where the climate, hospitality and cuisine will warm you up inside and out. The city slows to a crawl in August as residents take holidays, and many shops and eateries close until the end of September, so fall is the perfect time to visit. In October and November, average daily highs are a balmy 16 to 21˚C – ideal for exploring on foot.

Barcelona is a vibrant and spirited city that combines Spain’s Old World character with a youthful outlook – it features such venerable attractions as Antoni Gaudí’s bewitching Sagrada Família (Church of the Sacred Family) and colourful Park Güell, and is also known for its burgeoning live music scene.

* Enjoy Mediterranean sea breezes as you wander neighbourhoods, sample Catalan dishes and cruise the coastline, and be sure to indulge in mid-afternoon siestas before hitting the nightclubs. Keep your holiday stress-free by enjoying discounted call and text roaming rates with a Travel Pack from Rogers. Buy in advance, or wait until you arrive at your destination. Just text TRAVEL to 7626. If you decide to wait, you’ll get a welcome text message from Rogers once in Europe, with a link to purchase a roaming offer through your mobile device (link is free of charge). Travel Packs expire one month from the date of purchase.


PragueIn autumn, Prague’s statues, cobblestone streets and Gothic facades take on a wistful, melancholy tone that only adds to their beauty.  With temperatures dipping below 10˚C, there’s a bit of a bite in the air, but you’ll enjoy clear skies and avoid the stampede of tourists that descend on this storied and fascinating city throughout the summer.

The capital of the Czech Republic, Prague is a delight for the eyes.  Centuries of artistic, religious and political movements, dating back to the early Middle Ages, have forged this city out of the land on both sides of the Vltava River. Prague is a wonderful destination for walking; delve into its rich and sometimes troubled history by strolling around the Old Town, Prague Castle and the Jewish Quarter.

* Round out your experience by dining as the locals do – enjoy hearty, soul-soothing Czech dumplings and indulge in the country’s famous beer at historic pubs. While out on the town, you’ll find that Wi-Fi access tends to be limited; plan ahead to take the guesswork out of using mobile devices and save money while travelling. Once you’ve booked your trip, text ALERT to 4766 to sign up for a travel reminder text alert. Before you leave, you’ll receive a text message reminding you to purchase a Roaming Data Pass or Travel Pack for affordable data, calling and texting.

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