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Do you know who can see your Facebook profile and timeline? If not, it’s time to adjust your privacy settings so your photos, updates and personal information are shared in a way you’re comfortable with. Depending on how public or private a person you are, here are a handful of settings you may want to activate:

The Exhibitionist

Facebook’s default settings tend to share and make public everything it can about you, so if you’re a bare-all type of person, you won’t need to tweak your privacy settings much. Select the Public setting wherever possible, allow search engines to index and link to your timeline and don’t restrict who can tag you in photos or post to your timeline. Just be aware that “Public” truly is public – even if you’re not friends on Facebook, your boss could find those pics of you drunk at a party.

Friends Only

Love sharing with your friends but think the rest of the world has no business knowing what you had for breakfast? Select “Friends Only” for the majority of your privacy settings, so your audience consists only of actual Facebook friends. You can also adjust “Timeline” and “Tagging” settings to limit who can post on your timeline, and to ensure you’re notified when you’ve been tagged in a photo someone else has posted.

Secret Agent

If the thought of even your friend’s friend seeing your kid’s birthday photos creeps you out, start by selecting the most restrictive settings possible – in most cases “Friends Only” or “Only Me.” You can also create lists and limit who can see individual posts: allow everyone to know about your garage sale, but exclude acquaintances from seeing your racy vacation photos. In addition, restrict who can look you up or send a friend request to Friends of Friends only.

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