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Every financial expert worth his salt will tell you that when you buy a product or service, you ought to understand exactly how much you’re paying and what you’re paying for. Rogers agrees, and that’s why it recently launched its new Bill Explainer website. The site, at, informs customers how to read their bill, page by page, eliminating confusion on topics such as long distance, roaming, TV and internet charges. Ever wondered what the “Savings” line item on your bill is all about? Or why you have partial charges on your bill? The Bill Explainer will clear up those questions and more.

How to Find It: To access the new Bill Explainer, visit

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2 thoughts on “End Bill Confusion

@RogersNicolas, on said:

Hi Suzanne,

I’d suggest you to get a hold of Care over the phone, or better, to visit a store and be able to try the devices.

Our reps are here to help :)


Suzanne Charette, on said:

I want to change my cell phone for a more modern one….but I don’ t know what would suit me better. Could you recommend one that suits my needs? I’ m really lost on this one….


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