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It’s a jungle out there, which is why you’re arming yourself with the skills and knowledge you need to compete in our fast-paced world. Know what else is fast? An LTE Rocket™ mobile hotspot and hub from Rogers, two mobile internet devices that can deliver fast, secure and shareable wireless internet access to your study group, dorm or anywhere you need to be.

It’s LTE and it’s Really Fast

It’s the fastest wireless network technology in the world, but what does that mean for students? It means you can download that giant PDF, video or presentation file you need in seconds, with LTE typical download speeds ranging from 12-40 Mbps* – which is comparable to wired internet speeds – and a theoretical maximum speed of up to 100 Mbps.

The Study Group

Wi-Fi for 10
No matter what your favourite study tool is – laptop, tablet, e-reader, desktop PC – just put the Rocket mobile hotspot down on the table and connect up to 10 Wi-Fi devices, all at once, to the speedy LTE wireless network.

Portable & Secure
About the size of a deck of cards, you can take the Rocket mobile hotspot anywhere so you won’t have to connect to an open and shared public hotspot. It’s password protected and the Rogers wireless network has automatic encryption to keep your data safe.

I’m In. What Do I Need?
All you need is a Rocket mobile hotspot, an LTE SIM card and a LTE-ready data plan. Switching your old SIM to an LTE device won’t connect you to the LTE network; instead, use the LTE SIM that came with your LTE device. For LTE coverage maps, check When you’re outside of the LTE coverage area, you’ll automatically connect to the Rogers 4G HSPA+ network.

Share the Plan You Already Have!
Considering an LTE Rocket mobile hotspot, but already have a smartphone data plan? A Shared Device plan gives you an additional SIM card for your mobile hotspot, but you share the usage from your smartphone plan.

In the Dorm

Get Online Fast
The crazy-fast new LTE Rocket™ hub (model: ZTE MF28B) is the perfect portable solution for your home away from home. Get online in just minutes – no install to schedule, no software to download. Insert an activated SIM card and plug the hub into an electrical outlet for steady power (no batteries to charge). Voila! You’ve created your own Wi-Fi zone.

Go Wired or Wireless
The Rocket hub creates a wireless networking zone for internet access, plus you can plug in up to four devices, such as computers and printers, into Ethernet ports on the back. You and your roommates can connect up to 15 devices overall, including laptops, tablets, music players and more.

It’s Portable
Even though it offers all the comfort and speed of a more permanent home setup, with typical LTE download speeds ranging from 12-40 Mbps and a theoretical maximum speed of up to 100 Mbps*, don’t be fooled. The hub is only about the length and width of a mousepad, and because it connects to the Rogers wireless network, you can pack it up and take it with you home for the summer, to your next campus digs, to your first solo apartment… you get the idea. It’s high speed internet that moves with you.

The LTE Promotional Plan
If you use a lot of data and want the best value, the LTE Promotional Plan, available now until further notice, offers 10 GB of data for only $52/mo.** giving you the freedom to fully explore LTE’s sizzling speeds.

*Refers to peak theoretical speeds based on device manufacturer’s specifications.
** Only available on a 3-year-term.

Visit for details.

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