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We explore the different ways you can share your wireless internet:

Benefits of tethering

Having a smartphone with a wireless internet plan and tethering capabilities means always having a connection to the internet, even for multiple devices, by tethering via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or an actual, physical cable, or creating a mobile hotspot. All devices must remain in close proximity in order to share the connection, and the smartphone must have a wireless internet plan. Keep an eye on your smartphone’s battery level when tethering.

Benefits of share ready plans

Don’t always have your devices near each other to tether? Or maybe you have a family tablet you want everyone to use. While creating a mobile hotspot is handy, wireless internet sharing plans get you additional SIM cards and a separate 4G or LTE connection for multiple devices, but the benefit of sharing wireless internet usage from a single smartphone plan. Wireless internet sharing plans give you online access anywhere, without the need to tether.

Wi-Fi’s great, but…

Connecting your Wi-Fi-enabled device, such as a tablet or a smartphone, to a home Wi-Fi connection is great, but without a wireless internet plan your device is off the grid when you leave the house. Public Wi-Fi is convenient, often free and readily accessible, but keep in mind when surfing or shopping online, typically public hotspots are open  and shared with others, which can impact privacy. A wireless internet plan is secure, always ready and yours.

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