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You probably didn’t notice (because in this, linking, tweeting and re-tweeting world we live in, who notices URLs anymore?), but what was once in the address bar up above is now Yup, we’ve changed our URL – but what hasn’t changed is that we’re still Canada’s definitive destination for all things tech and entertainment for Rogers customers.

What’s the reasoning behind the switch, you ask? Since we printed our first issue of Connected in 2007 (back then it was a cute little flip mag about cell phones and music called URmagazine), we’ve taken pride in adapting to the changing habits and trends of our readers, a.k.a., Rogers customers. With more and more of you turning to your smartphones and tablets for everything from daily tasks to entertainment to staying connected at all times, you’ve been asking for more innovative ways to get the content of Connected from wherever you might be. The answer? We’re going totally digital.

With the release of our Holiday 2012 issue, which hit the streets December 5th, we’re excited to announce that Connected will thereafter be available exclusively in digital form at, through our eNewsletter and our new brand digital magazine.

Back in August we completely redesigned and relaunched our website with what the industry is now calling a “responsive” design. It’s fast becoming the preferred site format, with many well-known brands like our cousins at and adopting it as well. With the popularity of smartphones and tablets as ways to read and consume news and online content on the move, we wanted to make sure that no matter the platform, our site would adjust itself to fit perfectly. And it does. If you’re looking at this on a desktop computer, check out how it automatically adjusts when you re-size the browser window for an idea of how the site will look on a tablet down to a smartphone.

Adding to the complete experience, we’ve also produced a new digital edition of Connected, which takes the essence of the print publication to a whole new level. It has the interactivity of a magazine but all the bells and whistles you can only get digitally – videos, links, animations, share functionality and more.

We hope you like what we’ve done with the place. Let us know on Twitter (our new handle is @connectedrogers) and feel free to comment to posts on the site.

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2 thoughts on “Connected Magazine Goes Digital, Becomes

Gail Taylor, on said:

I have just had Rogers HD installed but the volume on the tv works but the volume button on the control does not.


    @RogersNicolas, on said:


    Sorry to hear about your issue. Contact our Customer Care team via Facebook, Twitter @RogersHelps, live chat or over the phone and we’ll help!

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