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Ah, the internet – home to virtually everything. While the web is home to many time-wasters, it’s also a valuable resource for fun and learning. If you’re old enough to read, then click on.

KidsClick! KidsClick! |
Launched by a group of librarians in the Ramapo Catskill Library System, KidsClick! is a web search engine specifi cally for kids, helping little ones find age appropriate sites in more than 600 subjects, from history and religion to entertainment and the arts.
Starfall Starfall |
This site has been teaching kids to read using phonics since 2002. Geared toward preschool and school-aged children, Starfall offers four levels of reading instruction, all based on the idea that the freedom to play and explore can encourage reading skills to develop naturally.
Science Made Simple Science Made Simple |
Why is the sky blue? How do animals spend the winter? Science Made Simple has the answers. The site’s bare-bones design leaves something to be desired, but its spot-on kid-friendly answers to science-related questions and ideas for projects and experiments make it a bookmark-worthy resource.
Kids from kindergarten to age 8 get their own special online newspaper and web guide. Short, kid-friendly articles help kids learn about real-world events. Many include photos or videos, and content includes an integrated dictionary and cool-looking maps.
Arts Alive Arts Alive |
Attention budding musicians! Produced by the National Arts Centre, Arts Alive educates children about the performing arts (music, dance, theatre and more) through multimedia resources and interactive activities.

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