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The JaJa Stylus | US$90
If you’re a bit jealous of Galaxy Note users’ cool S Pen, which only works on Samsung’s inductive screen technology, then you’ll be happy to hear that you can now draw and sketch right on your iPad or capacitive-screen Android using the JaJa Stylus. Using a patent-pending method to communicate via high-frequency sound waves, the pressure-sensitive pen works with any capacitive screen device with a built-in microphone. (The frequencies are safely above human hearing and reportedly don’t disturb pets.)

Boasting 1,024 levels of pressure sensitivity for realistic and natural-feeling brush strokes and flourishes, an equally innovative replaceable nib with transparent ball-and-socket tip adapts smoothly to your hand’s angles and gestures, all without obscuring your work.

Two hotkey buttons along the shaft can act as “mouse” clicks or be used to access contextual functions, such as erase, colour change, brush/tool selection or undo/redo function. The USB socket on the end quick-charges an onboard battery for more than 90 continuous hours of use. And because it doesn’t use Bluetooth, the JaJa Stylus is safe to use on airplanes or anywhere else that radio devices are banned, such as hospitals.

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