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Day One for iOS

Day One

iOS | $1.99

The notion that your journal should remain hidden under lock and key in your sock drawer, generally inaccessible unless you’re home, is something of the past. If you were out and about, and wanted to access your daily jottings, to recall a memory or a note you left yourself, you’d be out of luck if it weren’t for Day One. Functionally, this app operates as a micro-journal – a mobile diary, if you will – that allows you to quickly enter your thoughts. The real seller is that, from there, the app syncs with iCloud or Dropbox and subsequently stores all of your entries in the cloud. Meaning you can access everything, wherever you are. To keep things organized, you can access the app’s Calendar View, set reminders for yourself, star important entries, and sort by year. Integrated with Twitter, Day One is perfect for recording short personal entries, or revisiting old ones.

Puzzlejuice for iOS


iOS | $0.99

Just to make gameplay as interesting as possible, the developers behind Puzzlejuice have gone ahead and taken one challenging concept and deviously paired it with a second. Sounds confusing? Not so much when you realize that Puzzlejuice essentially borrows from a certain Russian arcade classic, in that your first objective is to match up similarly shaped and coloured blocks as they fall. Once you’ve sequentially lined up enough of the same colour, your blocks are deleted. Got it so far? Well, here’s where it gets tricky: once your blocks are deleted, they’re replaced by random letters, meaning you’re also tasked with spelling words out of the letter jumble that takes shape. Consider the game like Tetris-meets-Scrabble, in that it’s two fantastic ideas that have been maddeningly paired together. With two modes of play, Core and Zen, you can either marathon it or play in quick bursts, depending on how much you’re brain’s already throbbing from this one.

Paramount100 App for iPad


iPad | Free

With 2012 marking the company’s hundredth year in the biz, it’s no small wonder that Paramount has made a whole lot of movies over the last century. If you’re interested in discovering the classics for yourself, checking out rare photos, film clips and musical scores, or just brushing up on your trivia, then this app has plenty to sink your teeth into. Covering a lot of ground, the app offers information on Paramount’s Oscar history, as well as a studio tour and browsing feature for all the studio’s films from 1912 to the present day. With the bonus of a customized version of Scene It?, and a wealth of imagery and film clips, this app is an obvious choice for the movie buff.

Darth Maul Me for Android

Darth Maul Me

Android | Free

Everybody knows that Darth Maul was by far the coolest character (with the coolest lightsaber) in The Phantom Menace, and that he died way too soon. But that’s water under the bridge for most of us. If you’re still feeling a tad sentimental over the departed Sith Lord, the new Darth Maul Me app – no doubt released to coincide with the re-release of Episode 1 in 3D – will help you temporarily make the transition over to the dark side by superimposing Maul’s characteristic, demon-esque features overtop your portrait photos. Basically take a picture of your face, follow the easy steps and within no time you’ll feel like you’re in a galaxy far, far away.

LightBomber for iPhone


iPhone | $0.99

Sure, anyone can take a few pictures with their iPhone, and there are a ton of apps that’ll give your shots every effect imaginable, but when was the last time you took a photograph where light was the actual subject? The LightBomber app does just that by allowing you to capture and “paint” with light due to a long exposure feature. As long as you have a decent light source – a candle, light bulb, sparkler or flashlight – you’re able to create some pretty unique images. Simple and fun, LightBomber is a new spin on a camera app.

Jotly for Android


Android | Free

Everyone’s a critic these days, right? Whether it’s giving our two cents about a pair of pants, a movie, a cheese tray, a sunset, or someone’s dance moves, we’ve all got an opinion and we’re not terribly shy about sharing. The makers of Jotly seem to understand our insatiable urge to rate the world around us, and have brought that notion to its logical conclusion with an app that lets you do just that. Social by design, Jotly allows you and your friends to photograph anything and everything, then rate what you see and share it. See a nice table in a restaurant? Give it an A. How about a half-eaten doughnut on the street? Probably an F-. If you don’t agree with someone’s opinion, throw in your own and create a healthy debate. If you’re particularly prolific, the app will reward you with points and the status of “Top Jotter.”

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