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Onion Magic Answer Ball for iOS

Onion Magic Answer Ball

iOS | $0.99

As if being our number one source for completely fake/hilarious news wasn’t enough, now the satyrical Onion wants to have a lock on our destinies as well thanks to their new Magic Answer Ball app. Kinda makes sense when you consider their argument: “In a world dominated by superficiality and mediocrity, only The Onion can be trusted to tell you what lies ahead.” Well, maybe that’s giving them too much credit, but if you’re willing to rely on The Onion to decide your future, their Answer Ball works much like you think it would – ask the question you’re burdened with, whether it be “is the notion of truth absolute, or merely relative?” or the equally important “should I have chicken for dinner?” Either way, you’ll receive advice such as “Hell No” and “Ask The Internet.” If, on the other hand you’re not up for asking, the app also comes with pre-loaded questions. Once you’ve received your mobile wisdom, enlighten others on Facebook, just in case something awesome really does end up coming true.


Dave Mustaine: Guitar Prodigy App for iOS

Dave Mustaine: Guitar Prodigy

iOS | $9.99

Well, if you’re going to learn how to shred on guitar, you might as well learn from one of the best. An original member of Metallica and founder of Megadeth, Dave Mustaine certainly knows his way around his axe, which makes this app a must-have for the aspiring player. Aside from the hours of Mustaine’s lessons, you can gauge your progress by playing along with the songs thanks to visual instructions akin to Guitar Hero – you’ll receive instant feedback from the app based on how well you hit all the notes (choose a level of difficulty ranging from beginner to advanced). Additionally, you can even route your guitar’s chord straight into your device (if you have an adapter such as iRig) and hear yourself playing overtop the original song. Throw in a chromatic tuner, some heavy guitar effects and a competitive element that allows you to post scores and see other player’s achievements, and consider this mandatory for the budding guitar prodigy.


Exfoliate for Facebook App for Android

Exfoliate for Facebook

Android | $1

Styles, tastes, humour and opinions – everyone knows you change over time, and that what you were all about as a person a few years ago doesn’t accurately describe who you are today. And seeing as how many of us use Facebook to document our lives at they unfold, it seems only fitting that every so often we might want to do a little bit of spring cleaning and remove our older (and possibly embarrassing) posts and pictures (especially if you’re applying for that great new job). Exfoliate for Facebook does just that. Depending on your needs, the app can be set to remove your posts, comments, likes and photos you’re tagged in. After logging in to Facebook using Exfoliate, all you have to do is set the age and type of postings you no longer want associated with your profile. From there, Exfoliate systematically goes through and cleans up. Simple and easy to use, this app is well worth it if you feel like an online reinvention is in order.


Nodebeat App for Android and iOS


Android, iOS | $2

It’s become increasingly apparent that with the right software, even our mobile devices can become powerful instruments for musical creativity. A fine example of this is Nodebeat. Initially successful with iOS, the app has finally made its way onto the Android platform, and it’s certainly a welcome addition. As a musical tool, Nodebeat is all about evolving sound and exploring your creative boundaries through the use of various rhythmic sequences and melodies that you’re able to manipulate. Once you have the basics down, experiment further by using effects such as decay and echo, various waveforms, drum generators, BPM speeds, and stereo panning techniques. You can record and email all audio you create, so they sky is basically the limit here. If you’re interested in evolving, ambient music, Nodebeat is a great place to get your feet wet, so to speak.


Art Rage for iPad

Art Rage

iPad | $6.99

And speaking of digital creativity – many of us simply don’t have the luxury of space needed to accommodate an elaborate painting setup with an easel, but that certainly doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be able to let out our inner Picasso with Art Rage, an expressive, realistic painting and drawing app that’s essentially only as limited as you allow it to be. In terms of painting, the app mimics how real oil paint reacts on a canvas, factoring in how long it takes to dry, accurate colour blending and the effects you can create using tools such as a palette knife. Meanwhile, the watercolour mode is designed to react to brush moisture, paper quality you choose, depth of brush stroke and more. Layering is included, which means you can experiment indefinitely without ruining what you’ve already created, while other realistic mediums include pencil, chalk and marker. Simply addictive and endlessly fun.


Flipboard for iPhone

Flipboard for iPhone

iPhone | Free

If you’re in the market for a news aggregator, it just doesn’t get much better than Flipboard. A huge success on the iPad, it’s finally made its way onto the iPhone, which is a huge relief for those of us in need of quick, concise news fixes. Here’s how it works: begin by customizing the news sources you want included in your feed, be they CNN, BBC or The Huffington Post. From there, get way more specific. Say you want lots of entertainment, fashion or tech news – add a bunch of sources to your feed and the app automatically creates sub categories for you. The interface is pretty brilliant as well, as you literally use an upwards motion with your thumb to mimic flipping a series of digital pages once you’re ready to move onto the next story. Constantly updated, this app is essential for anyone wanting to keep up with everything from current events to the latest internet meme in a matter of minutes.

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3 thoughts on “App Addict – Jan 20, 2012

Spin, on said:

Why is there nothing for Windows Phones?????


Rick Gavey, on said:

Hey Rog …. any way to get these app reviews emailed to me as they happen instead of waiting for "Connected" to be published ?


    Rogers_Kelly, on said:

    Great to hear you like the app reviews! I’ll look into your suggestion. In the meantime, we also tweet from @connectedmag

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