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Storytree App for iOS


iOS | Free

Everybody’s got a story to tell, and whether it’s alongside your friends, family, work buddies, band mates or crochet club, you all have a piece of that puzzle to share. The Storytree app makes it possible to collaborate on stories, then share them privately with those who were there. Through the mediums of video, audio, photos and text, you and your collaborators can piece together that summer at the lake, the year you went backpacking, or even your time served in the military. As user-friendly as this app is, the real attraction here is that Storytree is an emotionally engaging, private place (unless you feel like sharing) to store a wealth of memories, ensuring they’ll always be there for you and for others to enjoy.

Blush for Wine App for iOS

Blush for Wine

iOS | Free

Wine shopping – definitely up there on the list of frustratingly complex tasks, so if you’re like many of us, having to distinguish between a Cabernet-Sauvignon and a Pinot Noir, or deciding what kind of white would go best with sea bass, this app’s for you. Basically it works like this: when you see a bottle that might be of interest to you, scan its barcode, type, or say its name (for iPhone 4S). The app will then provide you with relevant information, and help you decide if it matches your current taste and mood. The reviews from other users and experts should also help you along in your quest for the perfect bottle.

MoneyWise for Android


Android | Free ($6.99 Pro)

Especially after the holiday splurge, the beginning of the new year sure does seem like a good time to make some changes on how you spend your money and manage your finances – it’s something most of us could use a helping hand with! The MoneyWise app is here to ensure your wallet remains a bit fatter by allowing you to track your day-to-day expenses in a logical, simple way. Organized by date, account (multiple accounts are available) or category, your budgetary info is converted into a graph to illustrate whether you’re on-track or not. Additionally, the tags provided (private, work, credit, cash, etc) are a helpful way to make sense out of the spending chaos, while the password-protected app’s info can be exported as HTML. Somewhere out there, a balanced pocketbook is softly whispering “thank you, MoneyWise.”

NBA.TV for iOS and Android


iOS, Android | Free (in-app purchases available)

With the NBA season finally in full swing, staying on top of the action is serious business for basketball fans. And there’s a lot to follow, which is why the official app of the league should definitely come in handy. Although the app is free, you’ll have to purchase a “League Pass” to take in a truly impressive amount of content including over 50 daily highlights of all the slam dunks and three-pointers, as well as live streaming of games from the regular and playoff seasons. Additionally, you can access tons of stats, photos and game scores. If the NBA’s a passion of yours, this app is a must-have – it’s like carrying around the league in your pocket.

Mixologist for Android and iPhone


Android, iPhone | $1.50, $0.99

Already a fave on iPhones, the fantastic booze recipe and bar guide app finally comes to Android! Covering just about everything drink-related you need to know (novice or pro), the award-winning app is a wealth of info that covers nearly 8,000 (!) recipes and over 1,300 ingredients. Working in both Metric and Imperial units, other helpful features include the “Liquor Cabinet,” which lets you search for recipes based on what ingredients you currently have. Standard categories – Cocktails, Shooters, Punches – simplify things even further, while the terminology section will have you talking like Tom Cruise from Cocktail in no time.

Stonehenge Experience from iTunes

Stonehenge Experience

iOS | $2.99

For ancient history buffs and Druids (or fans of Spinal Tap), Stonehenge still inspires an amazing amount of interest and wonder. Unfortunately, the public isn’t really able to get close enough to examine it for themselves, which is why this interactive iPad app is such a treat. Designed to allow the user to digitally excavate the site by rubbing fingers over the area of interest, you can look around for neat prehistoric artifacts that help tell the story of the people who used to visit it. Further adding to the social history experience, the app recreates stonehenge’s erection and even features an audio recreation of the construction of the monument. Whether you fancy yourself an expert on the site or merely an interested novice, this app is a fascinating way to explore one of history’s most enduring mysteries.

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