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NHL Hardest Shot for iOS

NHL Hardest Shot

iOS | $1.99

Ever have one of those friends who just can’t stop bragging? It’s definitely hard to disprove someone for saying something outrageously unbelievable, but if their tall tales have anything to do with their hockey prowess, here’s your chance! Using what the app’s designer refers to as “audio recognition technology,” this app allows you to measure the speed of a slap shot on-ice just like they do for the NHL’s All-Star Game. Basically, set up the distance between your puck and its target, position your mobile device between the two (preferably out of harm’s way), then fire away. From there, the app will base its calculations on the sound of your stick hitting the puck, then of the puck hitting its target. Factoring in the relative distances you’ve plugged in, it then calculates the puck’s speed. You can keep track of your best performances, and if you need the help, in-app video tutorials offer several hints at perfecting your shooting.

Rumpus for Android Tablets


Android Tablet | Free

Okay, so say you’re a massive fan of Adele – you love all her tunes, but you suddenly have this urge to learn more about who’s influenced her, who’s remixed her, and who else sounds similar. Consider the Rumpus app for Android tablets as your gateway into an encyclopedic music knowledge that covers the basics and way more. After you’ve checked out bios on your fave acts, dig a bit deeper with discographies and music videos before branching out learning about the genres and bands that directly influenced the music you love. Imagine the deluge of new music to check out once you get the hang of things, and the app’s handy save feature means you can log all your latest discoveries and note how they came to your attention. Additional genre filters help expand your knowledge, and an integrated music store means you can download full tunes anytime you like. Even if you aren’t a hardcore music fan, this app might just make you one!

Band Of The Day for iOS

Band Of The Day

iOS | Free

Speaking of new music, Android tablet users can’t have all the fun! For the iOS set comes Band Of The Day, an app that envisions itself as a “daily music magazine” for your mobile. If you crave a bit of structure and assistance when it comes to hearing what’s new and hot, this app provides a regular dose. That’s a new band to check out every day of the year. Along with the basics, you’ll be able to read the band’s or musician’s bio as well as insightful reviews by the app’s curators, stream some of their songs, view photographs, and share what you’re digging on. It’s a simple idea that should never leave you short of something new to hear.

PlayUp for iOS


iOS | Free

Watching the game by yourself is one thing, but everyone knows that part of the fun for sports fans is engaging in a play-by-play dialogue while the action’s hot. For people looking to ramp up the social experience of watching the game, PlayUp is designed to help to connect with your friends in real time as it regularly updates the scores of over 20,000 games annually. Including the NFL, NBA, NHL and international faves such as cricket and rugby, the app offers the ability to create or join in private chat rooms and public discussions about the game right as the play happens, which means you can watch your team and comment on their progress without having to jump onto your desktop whenever the fancy strikes you. As a new approach to armchair commentary, PlayUp is an excellent way to remain constantly updated and to trash talk your buddies with ease.

Tape-A-Talk Voice Recorder for Android

Tape-A-Talk Voice Recorder

Android | Free

Whether you rely on audio recordings for meetings, university lectures or even laying down song demos, sound quality is always something you’ll want in abundance. Easy to use, the Tape-A-Talk recording app offers an array of options to ensure your phone captures the highest quality audio recordings possible. Making various sample rates available (between 8-44kHz), as well as a higher quality wave format, the app also allows integration with services such as Dropbox, and will even let you set your recordings as a ringtone. Upgrading to the Pro version brings with it additional features including a custom file directory and fast-forward/rewind capabilities. If simplicity and quality is what you’re after in an audio recording app, this should do just fine.

Subscriptions for iOS


iOS | $0.99

If you’re like many of us, spending time watching videos on YouTube can turn into a marathon event. More so if you subscribe to one or more of the bazillion user channels out there. Keeping track of the latest footage can be a bit daunting, which is why the Subscriptions app definitely comes in handy. Streamlined and straightforward, Subscriptions allows you to organize and follow your favourite YouTube channels from your mobile device. From there, simply view away to your heart’s content – organize by your favourites, add new channels as you go, and if you get bored with an existing one, simply remove it from your list. Definitely not complicated, but well worth checking out if you’re a YouTube fanatic.

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