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SoundTracking for iOS and Android


iOS, Android | Free

Granted it’s much easier in the movies, when songs just sort of come out of nowhere to make a poignant moment even more so, but every life needs a soundtrack. Whether you’re contemplatively strolling down the street, partying with your friends or sitting in front of a camp fire, chances are you’ve got a tune in your head. SoundTracking is the app that allows you to share the songs that create these moments. Basically, whenever you feel like a ‘music moment’ is coming on, use the app to snap of picture of the scene, include your location (be it a city, neighbourhood or smaller place), and finally add your song snippet from the easily-searchable engine. Alternately, you can follow friends who are also using the app, share your moments on both Twitter and Facebook, and even follow trending songs and locations. If music helps shape your life, consider this app as the perfect amalgam of social networking and your MP3 player.

Measured for iOS


iOS | $5.99

It’s definitely not something many of us think about every day, but sometimes in life you just have to measure stuff. Maybe you’re moving and need to know if a grand piano is going to fit in your new solarium, or perhaps you want to install some shelving and need accurate lengths. Whatever the reason, the Measured app is like the smartest tape measure you’re likely to own. Using your device’s camera, Measured requires you to take two photographs of the area or object you want proportions for, and uses the variable of your shoe size to calculate (sounds weird, we know, but follow along!). Once the first photo is taken, you’re required to take several steps towards the area, walking heel-to-toe. Once closer, take a second photograph. From there, use multidirectional pointers to isolate and pinpoint the measurements you need from the photograph. The app will accurately calculate the lengths, heights, widths and distances of just about anything you can think of within reason. And even though it sounds a bit complex, the app includes demo videos to eschew any confusion, it stores previous measurements you’ve made, and it works in both metric and Imperial units.

1Weather for Android


Android | Free

We talk about the weather almost every day of our lives, yet searching out a forecast can often be a dull, dull task. And while there are weather apps available, many prize functionality and overlook style. Not so with 1Weather, an app that’s informative when it comes to the weather, but also good looking and easy to navigate. After you’ve chosen the location you want weather information for (just about anywhere in the world), you’ll access real-time updates, animated maps, severe condition alerts and more. If you want to find out what other people are thinking or seeing when it comes to the weather, the app also aggregates weather-related tweets, and offers daily alarms. Easy on the eyes and full of useful information, this app is great for people who take their weather with a bit of style.

GymPact for iOS


iOS | Free

One of the trickiest commitments we’ll ever make is to our gym membership – it’s easy as pie to get one, but staying focused and working out on a regular basis? Not so very easy at all. For some, will power is a fine motivator, but others might need that extra little incentive. GymPact definitely delivers in that respect. The app is designed to help you keep your word – you set the number of weekdays you plan on exercising, then (and here’s the real motivator) you select the amount of money you’re willing to be penalized for should you miss a workout. It’s that simple: if you meet your goal, you won’t lose any money. Should you decide not to attend, you’re out of few bucks. Alternately, if you keep on target, you’re actually rewarded financially (with the money other people are losing). If you’re serious about the gym, this app will make sure you stay on track.

Frederic - Resurrection of Music for iPad

Frederic – Resurrection of Music

iPad | $3.99

When most of us think about classical composer Chopin, it’s usually to do with his famously melancholic Nocturnes. That’s about to change with Frederic, a game that sends Chopin flying forward into the modern world (he’d be 201 today), where he must battle contemporary musicians (Oh no – a French electro producer and a country crooner!) who are reworking his songs. Using a format similar to the Tap Tap series, replacing the guitar with piano keys, you musically fight your opponents as a humorous story unfolds. The gameplay delivers nine “remixes” to play over, and there’s a lengthy animated comic that accompanies the action. For fans of classical music or bizarre, highly improbably scenarios (or both, really), Frederic is a game worth checking out.

NASA'S Earth Now

NASA’S Earth Now

iOS | Free

NASA’s already got some pretty fantastic apps under its belt, including the amazing Space Images and mission-specific ones such as GRAIL and Cassini. So it’s no small wonder they’ve developed another one that should get science enthusiasts excited. The latest is an Earth-centric app that tracks our planet’s climate with the help of Earth Science satellites. Inquiring minds can now focus and explore changes in temperature, carbon dioxide, gravity fields and more, visualized using colour codes. The Earth is presented as a 3D model, which users can rotate and zoom, and additional facts and definitions are included. If you’re at all interested in the work NASA is doing, this app should be both interesting and informative.

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