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So you’re ready to get a new phone. Or maybe your current term contract is about to expire and you’re in the market for a new carrier. Whatever the case, you have lots of choice when it comes to devices — and with so many awesome new phones on the market, trust us, we know how hard it can be to select your next one.

But choosing a carrier — that’s another story, and one that’s best decided by answering a few simple questions: Who ensures I I get the best prices? Can I change my plan without incurring a fee? Is the technical assistance helpful? Is the coverage vast and is the network super-fast?

When you choose Rogers, you get all this and more. It’s called the “Smartphone Freedom Advantage,” and it’s exclusively from Rogers. Fact is, while selecting a new smartphone will never be easy – they’re all so awesome – choosing Rogers as the carrier is the obvious choice. Here’s why.

1. Price Protection

You know how travel websites offer price protection that matches the competition? Rogers offers a similar promise, called “Price Match.” Say you want to upgrade your device, but you found a better deal advertised nationally. If you’re an existing customer, Rogers will match it if the terms are the same. Buying a new device can be a hefty purchase, and you shouldn’t have to worry that you could’ve found it cheaper.

2. Switch It Up

There’s something about signing a term contract that scares some of us. It seems so final. What if a few months go by and you want to alter your plan? What if you want more wireless internet, or different calling features? Rogers lets you change your plan as often as you wish, at no charge. So there you go – no more contract stress.

3. Upgrade Your Device

You bought a new smartphone last year, but now you’ve got your gaze set on the shiny, new device making waves. With this in mind, Rogers introduced FLEXtab™, which lets you upgrade to a new phone any time you want. Here’s how it works: pay off your remaining balance on your current device. Next, choose a new smartphone and eligible term plan, and then make an initial low payment on the device (price depends on device). Rogers spots the rest, and you can slowly pay off the device as part of your monthly bill.

4. Premium Service

Everybody claims to offer superior technical sup- port and customer service. And while we’ve all experienced the good and the bad when it comes to customer care, all you really want is one-stop expert advice when you need it. Enter Rogers TechXpert™ for Wireless. Connect with a live agent – via live chat online or over the phone – whenever you need help, seven days a week. Imagine never having to stress about how to fix a problem with your device again. No more asking friends or scouring tech websites for help. Wireless to PC sync and link? Setup and configuration? Help is just a call or live chat away.

5. Rogers Device Protection

There are lots of things that can happen to your phone. You can lose it or have it stolen, damage it or accidentally acquire malware and viruses. Hey, don’t feel too bad – it can happen to anyone. Luckily, there are ways to protect your device and data, and this is what Rogers Device Protection is all about. From the online Phone Finder service, which helps you track a missing device or remotely wipe files if it’s stolen, to antivirus protection, to replacing your device if it breaks, Rogers has your back.

Safety First: Whoops, there goes your phone! Accidents happen – and when they do, Rogers is there to help.

6. Get LTE lightning Speed

Your new phone is only as fast and fabulous as the wireless network on which it operates – and Rogers LTE is Canada’s fastest wireless internet. With download speeds that can top home computers – theoretical maximum network speeds of up to 150 Mbps* – and coverage that extends across Canada, LTE kicks up mobile browsing to a whole new level. And Rogers has the largest selection of LTE smartphones in Canada.

*See for details

Click here for more on the Rogers Smartphone Freedom Advantage.

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2 thoughts on “6 Benefits of Rogers Smartphone Freedom Advantage

yvonne anderson, on said:

My daughter recently updated to an I phone 5.
She gave me her I phone 4,which is almost new!!
I have a Nokia basic(pretty ragged!!
She had bought the phone,I am with you guys,she is with Telus.We have to pay to get the phone "unlocked" $30-00 or so.Can I get my existing
contract with you guys transferred to the I phone from my daughter?


    ConnectedStaff, on said:

    Hi Yvonne,
    Thank you for your comments. Can you please reach out to our customer service representatives on Twitter (@RogersHelps) or Facebook ( – they’ll be happy to help you with this inquiry.

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