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Security, convenience, the ability to stay connected anywhere and at any time – these are just a few of the reasons why a smartphone or tablet without a data plan or Rogers data pass is like owning a car without an engine. You need data, and here’s why.

Remember when having a cell phone was the ultimate in convenience? The idea of making a call from anywhere without having to fish for a quarter and track down a pay phone was glee-inducing for many of us.

Times have changed. Many pay phones cost 50 cents these days – if you can even find one. Besides, it’s internet access that allows you to stay informed and communicate quickly these days – emailing, posting updates and tweets, sharing photos, videos and links, accessing maps, GPS, and weather look-ups, even watching live TV. But for your device to do all that (and more), you need a data plan or pass. Because when it comes to your wireless device, it’s all about data. Let us show you the ways.

1. Apps! Need we say more? From Facebook and Instagram to Angry Birds and The Weather Network, many of us rely on apps almost every day. They’ve become a staple in our lives for being social, doing banking, checking the weather and entertaining ourselves in boring situations, from long meetings to long lineups. With data, you can enjoy apps best with a fast, reliable internet connection that goes where you go.

2. GPS and internet access lets you search Google Maps or other apps to find local business listings and get turn-by-turn directions for wherever you’re going.

3. The Wi-Fi question. So now you’re thinking, Wow, my device can do all that? I’ll just use public Wi-Fi when I’m out. Stop right there. When you’re working or playing online, keep in mind that public hotspots are typically open and shared networks, which can impact privacy. Plus, public hotspots can be hard to find, and you have to stay in the hotspot location to access it. A data plan is secure, always available and yours alone.

4. Share it. Not sure how much data you’ll use, how often or on which device? No problem. Rogers data share plans allow you to maximize usage by sharing your data allotment between your phone and up to four mobile internet devices, including tablets. You get a separate SIM card and wireless connection for each device so you and your family can use all your devices independently.

5. Data tracking. Some people worry that signing up for a data plan or pass will be stressful, because they’re afraid of potentially going over their limit and having to pay overage fees. Relax. It literally takes less than a minute to check your data plan usage online. If you’re in front of your computer, just log into My Rogers ( On your smartphone or tablet, use the free Rogers My Account app and check your usage from there.

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