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My Rogers bill is always pretty long. What elements are always included on my bill?

Your bill aims to be a helpful, comprehensive package of information, which is why you may have noticed that there are more pages compared to other bills. The first page lists the charges for each of your services, the total amount owed for your bill and the date by which you must pay. The following page(s) include ways in which you can contact Rogers; a handy summary of your last bill for comparison’s sake; and the Rogers Bulletin Board, which provides important messages about your Rogers services. The next pages summarize the charges and usage details for your internet, cable, home phone and wireless services (depending on what you subscribe to).

I like receiving a paper bill mailed to my home. Do I have to switch to online billing?

You can continue receiving a printed copy of your bill. But you’re missing out on the benefits of online billing. Online billing allows you to:

  • View bills online or, if you prefer, download and save them to your computer (a printable version that looks exactly like the bill you receive in the mail)
  • Check your bills through your bank’s website, or – whatever you prefer and receive a monthly email alert when your bill is available online
  • View up to 18 months of bill history
  • Have secure access to your bills and account information online from any internet connection worldwide
  • Reduce paper clutter and help the environment by reducing paper waste
  • Save the paper invoice fee of $2 per month

Is the bill I see online exactly like my paper bill?

Sure is! Rogers has designed your online bill to be easy-to-read and understand, containing the same or more information than your printed/mailed bill – with one exception. You cannot take a printout of the online bill to a bank or mail it in for payment.

Are there a variety of ways I can pay my Rogers bill?

Yes, there are several ways you can pay your bill; choose whatever is most convenient for you:

  • Online at
  • Automatically by pre-authorized chequing or credit card payment
  • At any Rogers Plus store (please bring your invoice with you)
  • By internet/telephone banking or at most banks
  • By cheque and mailing to: Rogers, PO Box 9100, Don Mills, ON, M3C 3P9. (Allow 5 business days for your payment to reach Rogers by mail and be processed.)

When do I have to pay my bill?

Charges to your account are due and payable in full from the date of your invoice or statement. If you are paying by mail or through a financial institution, please allow adequate time for your payment to reach Rogers prior to the Required Payment Date listed at the top right-hand corner of your bill.

For more information about Rogers’ new and improved eBill, click here.

For Rogers’ new website that walks you through all elements of your Rogers bill, click here.

For Information about your First Rogers Bill, click here.


12 thoughts on “5 Answers to Your Billing Questions

Victoria, on said:

I accidentally switched to online billing and would like to switch back to receiving paper bills. How can I do this?


Theo, on said:

Why is it that Rogers charges data every time they send a text, when you get close to the border. Then they charge you for the data used.


bruce mccann, on said:

what ever happened to customer service? Now you guys dont have any either!


    @RogersNicolas, on said:

    Hi Bruce,

    Really sorry to hear that. If there’s anything we can help you with, feel free to contact us on Facebook or Twitter @RogersHelps.

Garry Castator, on said:

i am overpying for analog cable Help!


    @RogersNicolas, on said:

    Hi Garry,

    Can you reach out to Customer Support? They’ll look into what you have right now as well as your needs and assist you!

    you can contact them via Facebook, Twitter @RogersHelps, live chat or over the phone.

Grazina Dumyn, on said:

Why is it that every month I have to call Rogers to discuss my bill as there are errors and it’s never consistent.When I call the agent says they"ll make the changes but on the next bill I don’t see them. It’s frustrating to have to spend over an hour or more each month dealing with my bill. For example, the last bill we received, I have to call Rogers again to discuss my bill and I’m not looking forward to it. I’m being charged for things that I shouldn’t be charged for! Is there someone I can speak to about this so it doesn’t happen again? Perhaps a different department? Thanks.


Margaret Murray, on said:

I need to know if my 50.00 credit has been applied to my new iphone5 purchased Nov. 12. I haven’t seen it on the bill as a credit


    @RogersNicolas, on said:

    Hi Margaret,

    Can you please reach out to Customer Care via Facebook, Twitter or over the phone?

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