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Once upon a time we were limited to pretty basic TV: you watched at home, lounging on the couch, the remote tightly clutched. Now, of course, TV has become much bigger and better, and we’re not just talking about the movie-like quality of today’s TV shows. Rogers customers can enjoy their favourite programs, including new episodes of hit shows, wherever they want – on their tablet, smartphone or computer with Rogers Anyplace TV, and on your big-screen TV with Rogers digital TV.

Similar to Rogers On Demand but online, Rogers Anyplace TV offers lots of streamed content including new TV shows and just-released movies, live sports and more. Watch online at or download the app and stream right to your smartphone or tablet. Convenient and accessible anywhere, any time, TV is now wherever you happen to be, however wacky or weird it may seem.

You find yourself: On a Ferris wheel

Yes, you’re enjoying the spring fair outing with friends, but you’re also not missing a second of the baseball game streaming live on the Rogers Anyplace TV Live mobile app on your iPhone or Android device.

You find yourself: In a tent, camping

It’s raining and cold and your family keeps asking why you dragged them into the woods in the first place. Good thing you’ve got your trusty tablet at the ready. Equipped with LTE connectivity, you’ve got a fast, reliable internet connection and direct access to the Rogers Anyplace TV website. Chock full with new release movies, TV shows such as The Walking Dead and The Bachelor, and great children’s content from the likes of Treehouse, Nick and Teletoon, you can quickly select and choose a whatever you like, to transform you from the dad who dragged the family camping to World’s Greatest Dad.

You find yourself: At work

Now, we’re not advising slacking off on the job, but sometimes there are those days when you find yourself in an office and, well, there’s that Premiere League soccer match you just really can’t afford to miss. What’s the harm in loading up Rogers Anyplace TV on your laptop or desktop computer and catching a few plays (OK, the entire match) on your screen? After all, sports is best live, and work, well, it can be done any time.

You find yourself: On the couch

I know, how radical – you’re at home, on the couch, flipping through the astonishing selection of shows and movies available to watch. With all your gallivanting around town – watching TV on your smartphone, tablet and laptop – it’s nice, and even strange, to be back home, remote in hand, popcorn in the hopper, TV tuned to your favourite show or movie with Rogers On Demand, channel 100. How radical is that! Feel like stretching out, outdoors? Head to the backyard hammock with your iPad and watch live or recorded programming out there with the Rogers Anyplace TV Home Edition app*, connected to your home’s Wi-Fi network.

* For full legal conditions and restrictions visit

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