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Requiring little more than a bat, a ball and a glove, baseball isn’t the most high-tech of sports. But when he’s not on the diamond, Toronto Blue Jays third baseman Brett Lawrie is all about his gadgets. We caught up with the 22-year-old from Langley, B.C., to get the lowdown on his off-the-field, must-have gear.

1. My Twitter Feed
Lawrie logs into Twitter (@blawrie13) at least daily, using it largely to stay in touch with updates from organizations such as the MLB and PGA Tour: “It’s so fast, it’s better than going to websites to look stuff up.”

2. My Headphones
Just because he’s working up a sweat at the gym doesn’t mean Lawrie is unreachable. Whether he’s lifting weights or running on the treadmill, Lawrie sports his favourite Sony Bluetooth behind-the-neck wireless headphones. “They’re the best,” says Lawrie. “I listen to music without any wires getting in my way, and if I get a call, the music will cut out, and boom, I’m on the call without having to pick up the phone.”

3. My Tattoos
Athletes are notoriously superstitious. Lawrie’s lucky charm? His tattoos. “My tattoos are art, and they get in my head and put me in the right mindset to play,” he explains. “They motivate me.”

4. My iPhone Apps
“I couldn’t live without my iPhone,” says Lawrie – and it’s the apps that make it so indispensable. Among others, he likes themovie app Flixster; the Vancouver Canucks app, which offers real-time updates on team goings-on, including the score of the current game; and Golf GPS: “It shows me my yardages, and how far I am, plus I download all the courses.” Lawrie also likes to keep a few time-killers on his phone, like MBA Jam, Tiny Wings and Words with Friends.

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