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Whether you’re itching to upgrade your aging tablet or have been waiting patiently to jump in for the first time, the new – and significantly improved – iPad is here. Apple’s third tablet offers a number of benefits over its predecessors – all of which are made significantly better by the fact that the new iPad is LTE ready.

Features_RetnaDisplay Retina Display

Referring to the fact the human eye can’t detect its individual pixels, the new Retina display on the iPad is something you need to see for yourself. The screen features four times the detail as the previous iPad, plus it boasts 44 percent greater colour saturation.

Why it’s better with LTE
With LTE, you won’t need to hunt for a Wi-Fi hotspot to access your online photos, watch YouTube videos or stream movies on LTE lets you take advantage of the iPad’s amazing screen.


Features_Gaming Gaming

Thanks to the new Apple A5X processor with quad-core graphics, games load and run superfast on the new iPad and can handle high-definition visuals without any slowdown. The extra speed also helps make everything feel more responsive to the touch.

Why it’s better with LTE
Gaming is way more fun with friends. Whether you’re at home or waiting for a bus, LTE speeds translate to broadband-like connectivity whenever you feel the urge to destroy your enemies.


Features_VoiceDictation Voice Detection

While it’s not quite Siri, the new iPad has a voice dictation feature that allows you to talk instead of type. Whether you’re composing an email or web search, tap the microphone button on the keyboard and begin speaking.

Why it’s better with LTE
Not only is voice dictation often faster than typing, LTE wireless speeds mean your tweets and Facebooking will be handled much quicker than 3G, too. You do need an internet connection for voice dictation to work on the new iPad (just like Siri).


Features_iSightCamera iSight Camera

The new iPad’s rear-facing camera features a five-megapixel sensor with backside illumination, image stabilization and face detection. It also shoots 1080p HD video.

Why it’s better with LTE
Take that great vid of your friends being idiots and share it on the spot. LTE delivers superfast uploads. With iCloud and Photo Stream, whatever you shoot on your tablet automatically shows up on your other devices. How neat is that!

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