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iCade 8-Bitty iCade 8-Bitty | US $30’s small brother to the iCade arcade cabinet is a pocket-sized game controller that connects wirelessly to the iPad. The controller rocks a vintage D-Pad and button layout reminiscent of retro 8-bit game consoles from the ’80s.





AmpliTube iRigAmpliTube iRig

| US $39.95

Guitar players and bassists can rock out with the iRig, an instrument interface adapter for recording on iOS devices. Plus it works with its smart studio effects software, too. Plug the iRig into the iPad, connect your instrument and headphones or amp to iRig and get your groove on.






Targus Vuscape Case

Targus Vuscape Case | $ 45

Travellers demand more than just a pretty case to protect their beloved iPad. The Vuscape case from Targus features three different hands-free viewing angles, magnetic on/off functionality, stylus storage and a durable, water-resistant, padded exterior. Available in black, white, gray or pink.





LTE Data PlanLTE Data Plan

Take your iPad experience to the next level with a super-speed LTE data plan. First and foremost with an LTE data plan you don’t have to worry about finding a secure WiFi hotspot to access the interwebs. More importantly, LTE data is faster than fast. LTE means playing games at break-neck broadband speeds, lighting-like uploading/downloading of images, video, or anything your heart desires.

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