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Beyond all the glitz and glamour of the smartphones we hold so dear to our hearts, there is one thing that has remained stagnant: the cables that provide power to them. They’re clumsy and they tangle, but we need them almost as much as we need water or air – you know, to make sure our digital world is always charged.

Guess what? Things are about to change.

Wireless charging is upon us (if this year’s Consumer Electronics Show was any indication) and aims to make our lives as tangle-free and juiced-up as possible. Here are some of our favorites:


WiTricity’s over-the-air charging technology uses magnetic “coils” to transmit electricity between one another – in this case a charging pad and coils installed in a smartphone. A magnetic field is created allowing electricity to charge all your devices in the same room, provided they also have the coils embedded in them. The best part is, the coils can be basically put anywhere, like in your walls or other objects. When your phone gets close to it, the power transfer begins, charging your phone.

Fulton Innovation’s eCoupled

Life is all about paying it forward, and eCoupled is a perfect example. It’s one thing to have a wireless charging pad to put your device on, but what if you don’t have it with you? Imagine just asking your buddy if you can bum some power, then just laying your smartphone on the back of their tablet for a charge – device to device.

Nokia Wireless Charging Plate

Created for their new Windows 8-powered phones, and using a scaled-down version of the same coil technology seen above, simply drop the device, such as the Nokia Lumia 920, on the charging surface (comes as a basic plate or other fancy peripherals) and watch it juice up.

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