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Ah, Valentine’s Day.  Cupid’s busiest day of the year is fast approaching and while the diaper-wearing little cherub may have more arrows in the air than the archers of Rohan (that’s right, an LOTR reference, strap in), some folks might be needing a little techno–help to make the most of it.

Love Knows No Bounds: Rogers One Number

It’s bad timing, but your company decides to send you to Saskatoon for a conference, ruining the plans you had to take your sweetheart to Chez Bouche for V-Day. Don’t fret, there’s hope.

1. Video Valentine

Instead, why not plan a candle-lit dinner via video chat using Rogers One Number? There are no long-distance fees and you both just need to be Rogers One Number subscribers (click here for how to sign up), connected to the internet on a laptop, computer or iPad, and in the mood for love.

SEE ALSO: Video: How-to make a video call using Rogers One Number

2. Sweet Talker

Whether your beloved is across town or across the country, Valentines Day can be all day by making and taking calls from your wireless device or internet-connected computer (and switch seamlessly between both) using Rogers One Number – and it won’t eat up your wireless minutes when you’re using Rogers One Number on your computer.

3. Sappy Texter

Prefer to send short hits of sweet nothings to your darling instead? Do it from your laptop with Rogers One Number. You can type them way faster and they will seem as though they’re from your wireless number.

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