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If you have a digital set-top box, you already know how much better your TV-watching experience gets with it. You get the Interactive Programming Guide, which lets you easily search three TV listings 7 days in advance. You get the Quick Start Menu, which has an easy and intuitive Search function, among many other things. And you get Rogers On Demand, the on-demand programming service that gives you the control to pause, rewind and fast-forward through thousands of movies and TV shows at the touch of the button.

Dig a little deeper into your digital set-top box, however, and you’ll also find that there are ways to customize it to best suit your needs. Here are three examples of ways to do so:

1) Control what happens when you press “Guide.”

Your Rogers remote has a button on it that says “Guide.” When you press it, you see the Quick Start Menu. The Quick Start Menu is cool because it offers you everything at your fingertips: a Search function; quick access to Rogers On Demand channels; Daily Essentials such as weather forecasts; even games you can play with your remote while you watch TV.

However, you may prefer for the Interactive Programming Guide to come up when you press “Guide” instead of the Quick Start Menu. No problem! Simply go to the Self Service menu option in the Quick Start Menu, select “Change Guide Order” and follow the prompts.

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2) Set a Personal Identification Number.

Want to rent a movie through Rogers On Demand or Pay Per View? Want to block and unblock Parental Controls? To do so, you’ll have to enter a Personal Identification Number (PIN). Your default PIN is 0000, but you can (and should) customize it.

To do so, press Settings on your Rogers remote until you reach the General Settings screen. Select Purchase: PIN if you want to change your Pay Per View/On Demand PIN, or select BLOCK:PIN if you want to change your Parental Controls PIN. Follow the prompts.

3) Create a list of favourite channels.

Here’s a super-cool feature of your digital set-top box: you can create a list of your favourite channels in the Viewer Favourites section, making finding your faves way faster.

To do so, use the Quick Settings menu. Press Settings on your remote until the Quick Settings menu appears. Scroll through the menu until you see Viewer Favourites. Select it, then follow the on-screen prompts.

This list is just the beginning. You can customize your TV experience by changing languages, background colours, volume controls and more. You can even tell your digital set-top box which channel should come on when you first power-on your TV! (The default is channel 01.) Don’t be afraid to explore the Quick Start Menu and Quick Settings menu of your set-top box to truly make your TV your own.

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