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You know about NextBox 2.0 already, right? It’s the awesome package from Rogers that gives you complete control over watching TV anywhere in your home, across multiple platforms, including your tablet*.

NextBox 2.0 is basically a package of hardware plus TV and internet services. Might not sound scintillating, but it will seriously change the way you watch TV. Among other things, it lets you access, play and manage PVR recordings from any networked TV with a NextBox HDPVR and NextBox HD terminal in your home. Plus you can start watching a recording program in one room, stop it, and then resume it in another room**. You can pause and rewind live recordings. What’s more, with 140 hours of HD storage, you’ll never have to miss a show. As a bonus, if you sign a 2-year term, you get the Nextbox HDPVR free for the duration of your contract.

Also included in the NextBox package is superfast internet and Wi-Fi service. To read more about NextBox 2.0 package, click here.

Of course, good things can be made even better. Here are 3 things that will help you take NextBox 2.0 to the next level:

1. An HDTV
It goes without saying, but the next generation of TV technology requires a TV capable of full HD playback. The good news is that the price of high-definition TVs has come way down over the past few years. What used to cost many thousands can now be found for a few hundred dollars.

2. An HDMI cable
If you’re serious about home entertainment, you already have a few extra HDMI cables kicking around. HDMI stands for High-Definition Multimedia Interface, and put simply, and it’s a type of digital connection that can transmit HD video and high-resolution audio over a single cable.

HDMI cables are used to connect an HD device (like an HD PVR) to an HDTV, and you need one to connect your NextBox 2.0 HD terminal to your TV. A tip? Shop around. You don’t necessarily have to buy the most expensive HDMI cable out there; with digital, it’s all 1s and 0s; either it works and gives the best picture quality or it doesn’t and you get no picture at all.

3. A comfy couch
A recliner would also suffice. But the point is, the best TV viewing experience deserves the best and most comfortable place to post your posterior. We’ll stop short of making specific furniture recommendations but suffice it to say, you’re going to want a comfortable place to sit because there’s a whole lot to watch!

To get started on Nextbox 2.0, click here:

* WatchingTV on your tablet must be done over wi-fi. For more information, go to

** Each additional room/TV requires a NextBox HD terminal networked with the NextBox HD PVR (professional installation required). One NextBox HD PVR rental and one NextBox HD terminal rental included in each NextBox 2.0 package. Each additional NextBox HD terminal rental $13.14/mo.

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4 thoughts on “3 TV accessories to get the most of Rogers NextBox 2.0

A Little Bit Dumber, on said:

Please tell me someone wasn’t paid to write this article!


dave, on said:

What good is this site i want to BUY USED PVR FROM ROGERS WERE CAN I FIND THEM ????????????????????????


Frustrated Rogers Customer, on said:

Worst article ever. What a waste of my time.


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