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There was a time when heading to the U.S. meant turning off your smartphone to avoid excessive roaming charges. But these days, not using your phone is no longer a viable plan for most of us, whether we’re on vacation or travelling for work. You want to be able to not just make phone calls, but also email, go on Facebook, use Twitter, search online and take advantage of your favourite apps. And while Wi-Fi is sometimes an option, it’s not everywhere – nor is it necessarily safe or reliable.

That’s why Rogers has launched a revolutionary new way to use the internet while roaming in the U.S. The new Rogers U.S. Roaming Internet Rate is only $7.99 per day for up to 50 MBs*, so you can browse the web like you would at home, worry-free. But will 50 MBs be enough? Almost certainly, considering it’s nearly the twice the data a typical Rogers wireless customer uses in Canada each day. It’s enough to send 1,000 emails or view 200 web pages. And while you’re away, if you ever want to check how much roaming internet you’ve used, you can simply text the word “usage” to 3330 once every 10 minutes to find out.

Now that you know exactly how you’ll stay connected while you’re travelling stateside, check out a few extra tips on roaming.

Tip 1: Turn on data roaming on your phone.

To ensure data roaming is turned on, go into your phone’s settings (often under “Cellular” or “mobile networks,” although it depends on the device) and look for options related to “data roaming.” Oh, and did we mention? With the new Rogers U.S. Roaming Internet Rate, you don’t need to purchase an internet option. Just start surfing when you cross the U.S. border!**

Tip 2: Disable automatic updates

Some apps automatically update, which uses data. Whether you’re at home or on a trip, it’s always a good idea to make sure that not all your apps do so – only the ones you choose. In many cases, you can adjust the frequency of these updates or even quality settings that affect file sizes. For example:

  • Online photo albums or cloud storage that automatically back-up files or upload photos taken
  • Real-time video streaming from security cameras sent to your personal device
  • Podcasts and web feeds that automatically download any new files in the series to your device
  • Even email settings can be set to “pull” instead of “push” so that your inbox refreshes manually only when you want. Click here for more details.

You can also set your phone to defer heavy app or software updates to when you are connected over Wi-Fi. Just keep in mind that while helpful when available, public Wi-Fi connections are typically unsecured and shared with all the other people connected to the same public hotspot.

Tip 3: Turn off apps or activities that are running in the background

Some apps use data to operate; others don’t. Of those that do use data, there are some that use only a small amount, such as most social-media apps. Then there are those that use a lot, such as apps with streaming video or audio. Check to see what apps are running in the background on your device and turn some off. Instructions for viewing and managing active applications vary by OS, so check the user guide for your phone.

Taking a longer trip (more than a week) or travelling to another country? Rogers offers many roaming options for Talk, Text and Internet to fit your needs. Visit to learn more.


*Taxes extra. Rate available while roaming in the US (including Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands) for data usage within a 24hr period starting with the first byte of usage and subject to change without notice. If usage exceeds the initial 50MB within that 24hr period, additional charges of $7.99 will apply for access to each incremental 50MB during the same 24hr period. Subject to Rogers Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy. **Customers in Québec and Newfoundland who subscribed to a fixed term agreement with Rogers (between June 30, 2010 and May 7, 2013 for Québec customers and between September 27, 2012 and May 7, 2013 for Newfoundland customers) must complete a one-time set-up to subscribe to this pay-per-use rate. Text TRAVEL to 7626 or visit and follow the prompts. © 2013 Rogers Communications.

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Trevor Ferguson, on said:

Regarding the one-step set-up for Quebec (in my case) customers who have fixed plans between certain dates, how is this accomplished? Is this also in the text message that gets set, or is it done ahead of time?


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