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Rogers Whole Home PVR lets you network up to seven NextBox HD Terminals throughout your house allowing you to maximize TV on your terms. Not sure how this would benefit you? Here are three reasons why Whole Home PVR will rule your roost!

1. Follow Me TV: Let’s say you’re watching a show downstairs but want to continue it up in your bedroom. With Whole Home PVR, you can pause and play prerecorded programming wherever you want to watch it. Just press Pause, then resume watching once you’re situated.

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2. Record Away: You’re all set to record a program on your PVR, only to discover that your daughter has already set the PVR to record a different program at the same time. Problem, what problem? With Whole Home PVR, you can record up to two programs simultaneously per box. Add a PVR extender and you can record up to 225 hours of HD programming.

3.  Customize Your Way: Play, delete and record any programs from any TV in your home. No longer limited to programming from your main PVR, you can now manage your shows wherever you want.

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7 thoughts on “3 Most Useful Rogers Whole Home PVR Tools

Michele Sipos, on said:

why can"t I see who’s calling on my net box?


Debbie Marsh, on said:

So if I get this next box do I need a second box for the master bedroom? Can I just set it from the living room and go watch in the bedroom?

How much does it cost ?


Fred Walker, on said:

I have the new programme guide and can’t find a way to record "new" shows only. Has that option been eliminated?
We also like to record a complete series before watching it. Is there a way to organize the order the list so that the earliest shows appear on the list first?
Thank you for you help.


S. Rigby-Williams, on said:

I am hugely disappointed that the netbox does not come with a timer like the older boxes which means that I am wasting electricity overnight.


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