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2 Procamera2
Once you get used to ProCamera’s features, it’ll be your default iPhone camera app. The pros love that it allows for separate control of focus, exposure and white balance, but the everyday user will really love its rapid-fire mode that lets you snap up to 12 pics per second.



3 360 Panorama
360 Panorama $1 | Android, iOS
Camera apps never seem to capture the expanse of what you’re looking at, whether it’s the Grand Canyon or the massiveness of Australia’s Uluru. That’s the beauty of this app: launch 360 Panorama, see the holodeck-like grid on the screen, point your device at the landscape and snap each frame to fill up the grid for either super-wide panoramics or full 360-degree shots.



4 8mm Vintage Camera
8mm Vintage Camera & 8mm HD for iPad $2 | iOS
Hands-down the best of vintage video camera apps, 8mm adds amazing nostalgia – right down to creating jumpy frames and scratches – to your shots. Create your own Wonder Years-style videos with the app’s eight settings, then upload to YouTube or Facebook, right from the app.

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