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Connected Rogers

Quick Tips

Find Your Phone

Despite our best efforts, phones do sometimes go missing. Windows Phone has a built-in homing device that can hopefully reunite you with your errant device whether it’s lodged between the couch cushions or on a crosstown trek in the back of a cab.

  1. Visit on any web browser (ideally before you lose your phone).
  2. Sign in with the same Hotmail account logged in your Windows Phone.
  3. Register your phone using your wireless number.
  4. Click Find My Phone to plot its location on a map.
  5. Choose whether to Ring (even in silent mode), Lock (to keep prying eyes out) or, worst case, Erase (to wipe all your personal data from the service remotely).


Lock Down

By default, Windows Phone uses a unique slide up to unlock scheme. However, you can add a passcode lock to keep prying eyes out should your device ever fall into the wrong hands.

  1. Flick to the applications screen, scroll way down to Settings and tap.
  2. Find Lock & Wallpaper about half-way down the Settings page.
  3. Tap the slider beside Password to turn it on.
  4. Enter a code of at least four digits then confirm the password and tap Done.

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