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We may be living in the age of PVRs and on- demand entertainment, but sometimes nothing beats watching live programming right as it’s happening. And while this used to mean sitting down in your living room, now you can stream TV channels right onto your tablet. With Rogers Live TV, you can stream more than 24 channels – including CBC News Network, ABC, FOX, Citytv, The Weather Network and more – over your home wi-fi network. Part of the NextBox 2.0 suite, Rogers Live TV lets you stream shows as they’re happening, right on your tablet. Only now, you can watch wherever you’d like.


Before you can enjoy the plethora of great content featured on the Rogers Live TV app for your tablet, you need to get the right gear and Rogers services.


  • Rogers Digital TV subscription
  • Rogers Hi-Speed Lite or above internet subscription
  • A compatible tablet (iPad or Galaxy Tab 10.1)
  • An HD digital set-top box (models 8300 HDPVR, 8642 HDPVR, 4250 HD or 4246 HD)


Accessing shows is simple, especially after you’ve completed the initial sign-up steps and downloaded the Rogers Live TV app for your tablet from Google Play or the Apple App Store. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Download the free Rogers Live TV app on your tablet.
  2. Launch the app and then login to your MyRogers account. If you don’t already have a My Rogers account, get one now (it’s free) at You’ll need your 9 or 12-digit account number, which can be found on your Rogers invoice.
  3. Once you’re logged into the app,a list of channels available to you will appear on the screen. Tap a channel icon, and it will start streaming directly to your tablet.
  4. To select a different channel, tap the screen to make the channel list appear on the screen again, and then tap on another channel icon.
  5. To stop streaming a channel, logout or close the app. Learn more about Rogers Live TV here.

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