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Why should you share contacts?

All your contacts are securely stored online at the Rogers One Number website. Just go to the site, download the app and you can share your contacts across all your devices. Lose or break your device? Just download the app again and you’re ready to go, with all your contacts retained and ready for you.

How-to sync and store your contacts:

You contacts, whether entered or updated on your computer or your wireless smartphone, are always up to date and backed up:

  1. Download the Rogers One Number Contacts App for iPhone or Android
  2. Click the button to ‘send a text message with download links for Rogers One Number Contacts and Rogers One Number Settings’.
  3. On your wireless phone, open the text message and click the download link.
  4. Click on Free Download under Rogers One Number Contacts and install the application on your smartphone (you can also download it yourself from your device’s respective app vendor).
  5. Login to Rogers One Number Contacts with your email address and password.

How-to sync contacts:

  1. Open the Rogers One Number Contacts app
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Then go to Sync Settings
  4. Then go to Contacts Backup Mode
  5. Select how often you want your contacts to be synced.
  6. If you choose ‘At Any Change’ your contacts will be backed up anytime you make add a new one to Rogers One Number on your computer.

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