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Connected Rogers


Fill your friends’ ears with a cool song instead of dull, repetitive rings. With Rogers Ringbacks, people will start asking you “How’d you do that?”

Here’s how-to get Ringbacks on your wireless device:

1.       Text Ringbacks to 555
2.       In seconds you’ll receive a text message containing a link to join – click the link.
3.       Scroll down and find Get Membership
4.       Now you can check out the plans, select one & follow the prompts to get started!


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One thought on “How-To: Browse, Purchase and Manage Ringbacks

Cheryl Engel, on said:

So as of nov1 my ur music app will no longer work for the ringbacks and i have ringbacks on there and 2 credits left what other site do u suggest and will rogers be looking into getting another site for there rogers customers seeing as i liked this app.


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