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Q: Whenever I try to order a channel or set parental controls, I’m asked to enter my PIN code. What is this?

To order a channel, Pay Per View, set parental controls and perform other functions, you are required to enter a PIN. By default, your PIN is 0000. You can easily reset a customized PIN that only you know, to prevent your kids from ordering anything or viewing content you don’t want them to see.

To create a Purchase Control PIN:

1. Press Guide until the Quick Start Menu appears.

2. Scroll to General Settings and then press OK.

3. Scroll to Purchasing and press OK, then scroll to Locking Status and press OK.

4. Scroll to On, press OK and then enter your existing PIN (default: 0000).

5. Press [A] to finish and exit.

To create a Parental Control PIN:

Follow the steps outlined above, but choose Parental Control instead of Purchasing.

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