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Quick Tips



1. Open the Settings app, and under General, tap Usage, then Cellular Usage.

2. From here you can view resent data usage, as well as lifetime data usage. Select Reset Statistics to return the network data numbers back to zero. Then, you can start tracking from there for when you, say, are roaming and want to track your usage.


1. Under Settings, select Data Usage.

2. Under Data usage cycle, select the time period you’d like to view.

3. If you’d like to view data usage for a specific upcoming period, select Change Cycle and set the reset date accordingly.

Note: these instructions are for the Samsung Galaxy SIII running Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich). Other Android devices might slightly differ.

How-To: My Account App

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6 thoughts on “How-To: Use Your Smartphone’s Data Counter

Jan Risberg, on said:

How do I check & reset the Blackberry data counter?


Rudolf, on said:

I reset the counter every month when my term starts but after a couple of weeks there is quite a difference between the counter and "my Rogers" display sometimes more than a Gigabyte, how come?


Monica, on said:

I can not "update" my iPhone 4 , how do I do it?! I do not have ios5 so I can not use a lot off the apps. Thanks.


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