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Quick Tips


The Samsung Galaxy S III has some smart features that make using your phone easier. Here’s how to try them out:

1. Open Settings by pulling down the notifications bar and tapping the cog icon.

2. Under the Device heading, tap Motion.

3. Turn on motions by tapping the checkbox.

4. Tap a motion and then tap Learn about… for a brief tutorial.

TIP: A few of our favourite motions: Direct call; Turn over to mute or pause; and tap to top. Try them out!


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3 thoughts on “How-To: Use Smart Gestures with your Samsung Galaxy S III

John, on said:

Interested in your roaming pkgs but would require for 3.5 months USA. What’s available and cost?


Janet, on said:

I do not have "motion" on my Samsung Galaxy S III – where can I find it?


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