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BlackBerry Remember lets you effortlessly create and organize your interests, ideas and projects. It helps you keep track of everything. Consider it a to-do list, task manager, notepad and idea catcher supercharged. Emails, photos, images, web pages, clippings and much more can be added to Notebooks in BlackBerry Remember. Your tasks can even sync with your Outlook to-dos and Evernote notebooks. Here’s how to use it:

Send something to Remember

  1. In an app, tap and hold the item you want to Remember.
  2. Tap the Sharing button then choose Remember.
  3. Add tags, a date, notes etc. and tap Save.

Create a folder

  1. In the Remember app, tap the folder icon and give your folder a name.
  2. Choose a colour if you like and then tap Save.

Add an entry

  1. Tap the note page icon and give your note a title and due date.
  2. Tap Save.

Tip: A Remember entry can include just about anything: A picture, an email, a document, a voice note, a web page and
so on.

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