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When a 9-1-1 dispatcher knows the physical address associated with your Rogers One Number Web phone, he or she can send the help you need to you without having to ask for your address – especially important if you’re unable to speak when calling 9-1-1.

Note: Associating your address with your Rogers One Number doesn’t impact 9-1-1 emergency calls made from your wireless phone. It only affects emergency calls made from the Rogers One Number Web phone on your computer.

Here’s how to associate your physical address with Rogers One Number:

1. Log in to your  Rogers One Number account.

2. Choose My Settings.

3. Enter your Emergency Address details and click Save.

When you call 9-1-1:

• Stay calm.

• State your exact location.

• Tell the dispatcher the nature of the emergency (e.g. a fire, a crime, a medical emergency).

• Do not hang up unless you’re instructed to do so.

• If you are disconnected, immediately call back.

Tip: Your 9-1-1 address is always visible on the bottom of your Rogers One Number Web phone.

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